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Great success…

As i’m sure you’re already aware by now, the last 12 months or since I’ve been running my daily/weekly tips have been very successful. Last season we showed an ROI of 114.81% and this year I’m hoping to top that again!

If you advent seen already, I’ve included a little infographic to give you a breakdown of how last season went….


You may well have signed up via my Free Accumulator Tips page, but if you didn’t, you can find more information on how the emails work and also a look previously successful acca’s.

Where to start?

The site is fairly large these days and I know that for someone new to the online betting industry, it can look quite daunting having to sift through so many articles. Seriously though, if you get chance one lazy Sunday afternoon, have a read through as I know that it will help you win more money from your accumulator bets in the long run.

If you are pushed for time, here are my top 5 articles to get you started with acca betting.

Article #1: 15 Reasons Why I’m a Bet365 Fan Boy!

I make no bonus about that the fact that I am a bet365 fan boy! I use them for a heck of a lot of my accumulator bets and I use this article to explain why I have so much love for them. Seriously, if you don’t already have an account, then jump to the article and find out why you should!

Article #2: How to win an Over 2.5 Goals Acca

This article is widely regarded as one of the best on the site. It’s easily the most viewed and I think is one the most informative. It took me over 10 hours to write it and it’s fairly chunky to say the least. So, grab a brew, put your feet up and settle back….then go and win some money!

Article #3: How to win a BTTS Acca – The complete guide

I’ve often been referred to as a bit of a BTTS ‘Guru’ and whilst i wouldn’t go that far, we’ve had some amazing success over the years with this bet type. Another behemoth of an article, but after you’ve read this, the How to win a Result and BTTS acca ties in nicely!

Article #4: In-Play Accumulator Betting

With so many in-play betting opportunities you need to know how to utilise these markets. I go in to depth with in-play strategy and how to use this feature with 3 of the best bookies.

Article #5: How to build a Winning Acca

Here I let you in to my way of thinking. Well, when I build my accas anyway! It’s a great read and worth it so you can build your own accumulators.

So that’s it for now, I’m sure you are going to be able to navigate yourself around the site easy enough. Remember, if there is anything you need then just drop me an email.

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  1. Hello jon, I’ve been on this betting thing for quite sometime but my winning streak is quite little compared to my loosing streak. I hope that hooking up with u will surely bring a turnaround in my gambling experience…thanks

  2. Hi
    When do your tips start?

    • Hi Peter,

      Tips will be starting back up again in the next few weeks. Not an awful lot kicking off at the minute, so as the Premier League and Football leagues start up, as will the tips!



  3. Hi Jon what time do you send the tips

  4. I put
    Hull city
    Sheffield Wednesday

    And they all won

    I am a happy person right now

    Thanks Jon….

  5. I love betting on both team to score,I hope u we help me more on that….

  6. 2 out of 2 nice one Jon. My sons 21st on the 4th will be so much more fun now

  7. I am on a really bad losing streak. i hope you can help me Jon

  8. bottled the acca last night cashed out at 90 mins…could not believe it when that injury time goal went in. cheers though Jon still a profit

  9. Only discovered you this week Jon and you’ve come up trumps with your 3rd tip! If you can keep up that ratio of 1 in 3 I’ll be well chuffed mate!

  10. Wll, just joined, last two years got zero accas, giving up hope, my last acca was a jammy 8 fold half time acca all draws, big payout…absolutely nothing since. Hope your tips can help me, my confidence is really low on bets, love to give my friends and family a nice blessing :0(

    • Hi Michael.

      Welcome to the What Acca Team! 🙂

      Hopefully we can improve your luck somewhat. Keep checking your inbox for weekly tips.


      • I’m Jon, my name is BDEX and I’m here because I want to win.. I don’t need big Odds, If I can get 5 Odds that is safe and sure weekly, I will be so grateful.. Please make my request a reality

  11. thanks for accepting me pls when are getting tips for the weekend thank you in anticipation

  12. Hi Jon, thanks for the info on betting accumulations explained I now understand I little bit more on why my acca are always letting me down.
    I missed out on the last acca tip hope you all had a good weekend thanks

    • Hi Jed,

      Hopefully it helps, keep an eye out for weekly emails (they might head to your spam folder, so set them to ‘Safe’ and you should be golden;))


  13. Hi jon..this was a really bad betting season for me..i hope my luck changes with you..cheers

  14. Hi Jon
    Can I ask, would it be worth betting this same bet, every week, throughout the whole season (except when they play each other of course then its a no bet), All to win, 8 fold each and every week, not sure what odds you would get, but id bet that set or results would come in 10 times minimum a season, or am I just talking rubbish, I want to learn from you…. Thanks.
    Man Utd
    Man City
    Real Madrid
    Bayern Munich

    • Hi Terry,

      It’s an interesting concept and to be honest, I don’t really know the answer to it. Winning any 8 game accumulator bet is always going to be tough. You could have each team priced at 1.50 which would give you odds of around 25/1, which on paper seem like a good price for these teams in this example.

      I mean, the best advice I would give is to test it out. Each team are going to be the favourite in most games, that’s for sure the two teams that would concern me on the list are Man united and Man City, just because of how competitive the BPL is at the minute.

      Personally I don’t like to limit myself to a set selection, that’s why for each acca I research a whole host of games to try and find value. Whilst all the teams you have listed are likely going to be strong bets, there will be some weeks that they play games that will be tough to call.

      Apologies that I can’t really be more help, but I’d love to hear how you get on if you do back them every week.


  15. Hiya Jon,

    After spending a couple of years getting next to nowhere using common sense, logic and reason, my bets gradually became more and more ridiculous and it took me around 12 months to see that I was just throwing metaphorical Hail Mary’s for the hell of it. Fortunately, I don’t feel the need to spend a lot of money on gambling, but recently I decided that whatever money I do spend betting, I don’t want to just throw it away. And after a lot of research and reading, your site was the one that seemed most personal, honest, clear and to the point.

    I hope to hear from you soon, by way of a reply or a list of predictions

    Either way, thanks in advance pal,


    • Hi Nathan!

      First off, I’m glad you’ve found the page and hopefully we can make some money for you.

      I was in very much the exact same position as you only a few years ago now. I used to waste money just scrolling through games and picking whatever I fancied with no reason. It sounds like you did put some thought into it, which is great.

      I’m glad you find the site personal and honest, as that is exactly what it is. People often ask if I have any tips for them for certain days, but the reality is that the bets I send out are my bets. These are accumulators bets that I am placing with my own money. I don’t just send out tips for people to bet on for the sake of doing so. I want to make money just as much as you do from them, so time and effort needs to be applied. If you decide to follow my bets, then fantastic, but it’s your choice and I will be backing them regardless.

      I love getting messages like this Nathan, it makes what I do worthwhile and shows that people are actually interested in the site. I hold no secrets and lay it all on the line for the world to see. All my ‘methods’ are posted around the site, so if you decide that you want to see how I ‘tick’, if you will, then you can do.

      Thanks again Nathan, and good luck!


  16. hi jon, am new to your site soam gonna ask for your assistance on for ten BTS matches thanks in anticipation

  17. i believe you are the one i have been looking for

  18. Hi Jon I’m so happy to have known ACCA ,I love your betting tips style thanks for accepting me ,hope to win many More bets.
    Imah Emmanuel

  19. I love this site thanks so much guys hope t will assist me

  20. I am happy to be part of your client and hoping to win big

  21. wish we could make this more profitable by dropping in a few trebles and doubles….. what do u think guys???

  22. hi Jon.just join the site and i have signed up for the for the email list,just hope to smile a lot theses season because last season was not it at all with other site i was looking up to.i will like to stay here base on the testimonies seen online so far.cheers

  23. When do you post tips? I don’t do online, just in shops and wondering when they get posted… fed up losing

    • Hi Lee,

      Weekend tips are sent out at 8am. Any bets for midweek games are usually in your inbox by if not before, lunch time.


  24. Hi Jon,greetings to you.I am happy to stumble across your site and i wish so much there would be a great difference all others i have come in contact with.
    I love what you are doing and if it works out the way i think,i will personally sing a song dedicated to you.Please do you send the bets to your newsletter subscribers in their mail box.Thanks while i await your reply.

  25. Hi Jon

    I just join your site. i love to play over/under, i would like you to help me on that Please, i’m a regular betting guy, i did it six days per week except on Sundays because my country business are not operating on Sundays

    • Hi Alie and welcome

      First off you need to make sure you aren’t gambling too much. If you feel as though you are then you need to take a break. 6 out of 7 days seems a lot. Drop me an email if you need some help and I will point you in the right direction.



  27. Just got to know this site. I hope I win big here.

  28. Hey jon im new here is there go be any betting tips do u know on Saturday

  29. hi ibet mostly on both team to scre hope my joining you will increase my winning

  30. Hi Jon, have been betting for some time now and all I is lose lose.just signed up with u n I’m hoping there will be difference. Trust

  31. I feel good to be part of this team.Am new though but l see it interesting and fun to be on this page…l believe with jon on our side we shall make profit…cheers jon.

  32. What are the requirement to receiving this tips and when exactly do you send the game ?

    • Hi William,

      Given that you’re on this page, I would say you were in. Just make sure you confirm on the link sent out in the welcome email then that’s it.


  33. Hi Jon, thanks for having me on board. Just wondered what your overall profit for this year is, to £10 stakes. Many thanks. Scott.

  34. Hi Jon, I just subscribed to What Acca and can’t wait for your first mail. Thanks in advance!

  35. Good morning.

    Thank you for adding me to your ACCA list. I hope my fortunes will turn around because I’m forever donating to bookies

  36. Another newbie here; looking forward to winning days

  37. Hi Jon,
    I just joined up……
    Thanks allot

    Hoping to change my losing streaks to winning by following ur tips

  38. Hey Jon

    Just joined up from SA. Hoping to take a few world cup acca’s. I am a complete noob.

  39. I just joined today. Pls Jon, when should I be expecting your tips??

  40. Hi jon,

    When can i expect the first tips ??

  41. Am new with you and i hope to win with your tips…

  42. Hi Jon I just joined today when will I be expecting your tips

  43. Hello Jon, great work you are doing from all I’ve read.

    How often do you send tips?

    Daily? Twice or Thrice Weekly? Or Weekends only?

    My warm regards.

    • Hi Nick

      Glad you’re enjoying the site.

      Bets are usually send out around 2-4 times per week, but it just depends what’s on. At worst they are one midweek and one Saturday morning.


      • Alright mate… Sticking with your strategy all through this season. Played the last 3 tips cant wait for the winnings and the mouth watering profits at the long run.

        My warm regards.

  44. Glad to be part of this website

  45. Hi jon am new let me hope your tips will make happy. thx

  46. Very Nice

  47. Hi jon i am ossy from biafra hope i am not late to the party? Any tips during midweek? Thanks in advance.

  48. Helloooooo!!! Sie.. I’m Joel all the way from the land of nature I hope time has not left me out bro. Thank…

  49. Would it be smarter to play accas as doubles or singles? Do you have data about betting only singles? And thanks for your work.

    • Hi

      An acca is an accumulation of bets with 4 or more selections in usually. Doubles have 2 bets and singles have just 1 bet. I place acca’s because of the larger ROI from my relatively low stakes. Hope that helps.


  50. Hi Jon, found your website on google, hope this will be a new experience for me as I have been in this for more than a year now and to win is been my problem, I hope I win a lot from your tips…

  51. Hi Jon,
    Am glad to have joined this platform. Thank you. Let’s do this again.

  52. Köszönöm a lehetőséget

  53. I just discovered you this week and I am here to have a different experience… I probably have lost enough than I can… Hoping to recover. I am waiting for the first tips

  54. Hello,
    Thanks a lot
    When are we getting the next game

  55. when am i getting the next game

  56. I found this site yesterday after being frustrated by some sites that call themselve VIP solution tips that made me to dash away my hard earned money to the bookmakers but after going through your site it got the confidence I need in this business thank God I found you hope you remember me among the list of persons you email anyday anytime you have any acca thanks sir jon

  57. Am glad to be here,, Jon I hope you will be proud! And please when are you dropping your next game

  58. I have signed up with my email bit i am not technician any games yet why?

    • Hi Tricia, welcome!

      Looking at Saturday for the next acca tip. They will get more frequent when the leagues kick off again

  59. i just join your mailing list. i hope to be receiving your picks . have a great day

  60. Good day jon Please when do you intend to start posting tips this season, after I came across your page I decided not to throw my money to the bookmakers I will only wage a bet any day you post tips thanks for adding me to your mail list

  61. Am glad to have join your free betting tip,and i must say thank you for accepting me. Please sir always remember me when sending out your tips.More wisdom and understanding to you, Thaks

  62. Hello pls i have subscribed bit i have not gotten any games why?

  63. i am gl;ad to be a part of this. cant wait to be a part of your success story. cheers

  64. Hi Jon. Am new here and I wish to win big with you.. How many over 2.5 do you give out and how many times in a week

    • Hi Ojomu, I send between 3 and 5 acca tips out a week. I use the Over/Under 2.5 goals frequently so you will often see selections in the accas on this market.

  65. good sir, I just discovered your platform this week and I am here to have a different experience sir ,please remember me among the list of persons you email any-day you have any acca thanks sir

  66. I’m new here.
    Anticipating the next tips and hope i win too

  67. hello mr jon i just subscribed so whats next

    • Hi Edeh, Welcome!
      Just wait for the acca tips to hit your inbox and follow them through the season.
      Make sure you have accounts with the bookmakers I use on site as they help us maximise our returns! Just head here to see them
      Then you are all set buddy.

  68. Hi Jon
    Hope I will get 5 – 6 good btts weekend teams

  69. how you team im glade to be part of this winning family.lets all enjoy this platform

  70. Good morning jon, is there today’s games?

  71. How can u help me please today Mr Jon

  72. Hi Jon am new here hope my betting is going to turn around for good now that i have met you.
    I have been loosing alot in betting,i hope u will help turn things around for me.thanks i will Really appreciate

    • Hi bright, Welcome to the WhatAcca community!

      I’m sure you will find many useful tips and strategy if you have a read of my articles on site. I try to educate so that everyone can place better bets.

      If you follow my acca tips it’s important to follow for the long run. The accas don’t win every time but over the course of a season I have proven to finish in a profit for 4 seasons in a row.


  73. Hi Jon, It Good to be here, i have a bad record on betting, and i guess you know what i mean by that? Just Hope it my time to bounce back,
    have done the necessary.. And Thanks a lot for this

  74. Hi Jon, It Good to be here, i have a bad record on betting, and i guess you know what i mean by that? Just just i bounce back,

  75. i want football prediction on daily basis

  76. Can u send me acca tips for today plz SAT 19 SEPT ?

  77. Hi friends hope life is good

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