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21 July 2024

Coral Connect

Admittedly, I probably don’t use Coral as much as some bookies, but they’ve been a stable inclusion into my betting arsenal for a number of years now.

The release of the Coral Connect card has been one that definitely grabbed my attention. Anything “new” from a bookmaker often is something that I applaud, and it’s no different when taking into consideration this feature.

The card has been designed to link your online and high street betting account, to essentially create one account for all transactions.
What I really liked about the concept is that it means you don’t have to keep a bank card on file or use your bank at all. I’ll get into more of this later in the article.

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How does it work?

You can sign up for a Coral Connect card either online or within any of their 1,800 shops across the UK. If you do sign up in the shop, you will be required to produce a form of ID, so bear this in mind.

Once your account has been created, you can either use the card as “Full Connect” which means that you have access to one account of online and high street or “In Shop Connect” which is just a shop account, basically.
Once you’ve signed up you will be given a card with a pin, just like a bank card. You simply use this card in the shop to top your balance up or place a bet and away you go.

Coral Rewards Grabber – How to claim this offer in 2023

Firstly you will need to have an existing Coral betting account and have made one deposit at a minimum. This offer excludes payments that are depositing via Neteller, Paypal, Moneybookers and Skrill. The promotion is widely known as the “Coral Daily Grabber” as well as the “Reward Grabber Coral”.

The Rewards Grabber Terms & Conditions can be viewed below:

If you are looking for a Rewards Grabber promotion, then this is definetly one to try out.

Really cool feature alert!

I spoke earlier about the fact that you don’t need a bank account for this and that’s true. You could essentially go into any Coral betting shop, add money to your account in the form of cash and then use this cash to either bet in store or online.

You see, as you’ve now one account for all your Coral betting needs, you can deposit and withdraw your money in cash. So, if you’re still a little uneasy about having your banking information online or worried about online fraud (however rare these days) then you can still be online and deal 100% in cash.

It’s also worth noting that you can withdraw money from your account as soon as your bet has been settled. This means that you don’t need to wait for any processing times it may take yo get your money, but also it means that you won’t get charged any fee’s, either by Coral or if you are withdrawing to/from a different currency.

Coral Connect App

As with all things these days, there is an app! The app lets you track everything that bet and keep an eye on your account.

So, if you’ve placed a bet in store then you can check on how it’s doing. Similarly, if you’ve placed a bet online, then you can track that here as well. It’s a really cool feature to have and definitely one of the best things to come from Coral in a long time. Coral Cash Out

Tying in nicely with the Coral Connect App, is the Coral Cash Out functionality. Most of us are aware of cash out betting these days and it’s been one of the biggest bits of innovation within the industry for decades.

The Coral Connect App now allows you to not only cash out your online bets, but also the bets placed within their shops as well. It works by essentially turning your betting slip, usually on a piece of paper, into an electronic version, just as if you had bet online.

It’s a brilliant bit of kit in my opinion and from the testing, I and others have done, has worked pretty much in the exact same manner as you would find betting online or via their app.

Final thoughts

The Coral Connect Card is a massive hit. The fact that you now need just one account to bet both in store and online is going to do wonders for their fleet of high street stores.

Many will argue that this takes away from the charm of high street betting but don’t forget, this hasn’t replaced the way you used to bet. Instead, it’s merely offered you an alternative into how you can go about it.
For me, it would definitely encourage me to use their betting shops more often. The fact I can just choose my bet, tap my card in-store and then have it placed, is really cool.

The best feature though; anonymous banking. You now don’t need to include any banking details online. I’ve dozens of betting accounts and lots that I don’t use anymore. Chances are that my banking details are stored on those accounts in some form and I’m trusting the bookmaker to take care of my secure information.

This means that now I don’t need to worry. I can work exclusively in cash if I want to and it also means that I can get hold of my winnings as needed as well. Coral hasn’t always had the fastest of online cashiers either, so this makes betting with them much more appealing.


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