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Here I talk about betting sites that offer you to deposit by Paypal. It’s never been important to keep an eye on your ‘care free’ spend in your main bank account.

This is because banks are checking gambling activity now and it can influence their decision on mortgages and loans. It’s crazy to imagine but it’s true and it’s been happening for over 5 years already. I wrote an article on how to bet anonymously, it’s worth a read.

Using Paypal betting sites however can help you. If you deposit to Paypal and then to a betting site, the bank have no idea where the cash ultimately ended up. It’s the smart way to bet these days.

Best Paypal Betting Sites

How to Deposit with Paypal

You will be glad to know that Paypal works the exact same way as any online shop. Paypal has the same integration with betting sites so if you have used Paypal before you will be ok.

Here is a step by step guide;

Step 1 – Login to a Paypal betting site.

Step 2 – Go to the deposit page in your betting account.

Step 3 – Choose ‘Add Method’ or select the drop down menu of payment methods.

Step 4 – Click Paypal

Step 5 – Enter the amount you wish to deposit.

Step 6 – Wait a few seconds whilst you are directed to Paypal.

Step 7 – Login to your paypal account and and click to agree to the payment.

Step 8 – Wait for the confirmation and head back to your betting account. It may say ‘Return to Merchant’, click that if it does.

It’s so simple but I laid out every step above. Just in case you have any problems along the way.

Benefits of Depositing by Paypal

OK so maybe you are wondering if there are further benefits to using Paypal for your betting accounts. Here they are listed out;

  • Your bank cannot see your gambling transactions from Paypal
  • You don’t need to add card details with each bookie
  • Easier to track how much you have deposited

Those are three pretty good reasons to use Paypal. Since betting companies started accepting Paypal deposits they have become extremely popular amongst players.

Downsides to Paypal Deposits

Whilst it’s generally a good deposit method, there are some downsides I’m afraid. Take a look at what they are below;

  • Welcome Bonuses cannot be claimed if you deposit via paypal with a lot of betting sites
  • Withdrawal time frame to get the money back to your bank account is longer. You have to withdraw to Paypal and then to your bank.
  • Paypal can charge withdrawal fees on certain amounts.

Convenience has its price and the biggest one here is losing a new customer bonus. If I am brutally honest though, a bonus is not the reason we all bet. So I am not too bothered about missing out. I would be depositing weekly most likely so it’s more important that I have the method that suits me the most.

I’ve only noticed paypal fees for withdrawals when the amount is £1,000 or more so that’s not a deal breaker either.

PayPal One Touch

You can use the PayPal One Touch feature with betting sites. You just need to have this enabled and you can enjoy faster deposits. It means you stay logged in so all you need to do is click the button to deposit each time.

FAQ’s For Paypal Betting

Can I use someone else’s Paypal Account?
No, the Paypal account must match the name on the betting account.

What is the minimum amount I can deposit?
£10 or currency equivalent.

What is the maximum amount I can deposit?
£5,500 or currency equivalent.

Do betting account charge for Paypal deposits?
No, they process these for free.

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  1. The problem with Paypal is they can keep your money for up to 21 days and been known to keep 3 months plus.

    They are renowned for doing this especially, with new accounts.

    Never leave any money in above £200,have plenty of photo evidence etc of what transactions are.

    I know this sounds daft but never argue with them on the phone,PP staff are renowned for closing accounts cause you`ve pissed them off.

    • Thanks for sharing Martyn. I have never experienced this with my Paypal account but good to know what others have.

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