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UFC Betting Sites

When there’s a big UFC fight taking place, then many fans are looking to place a bet on the action. And the good news is that several bookmakers now have UFC betting odds available. In this article, we showcase the best UFC betting sites so that you can sign up and enjoy the chance to bet on the winner and other markets.

UFC betting is a relatively new thing although the Ultimate Fighting Championship is enjoyed by millions of fans all over the world. And there have been a growing number of UFC betting sites that are able to offer customers the chance to place pre-fight and In-Play bets on the action.

How to Sign Up With a UFC Betting Site

The first port of call is to make sure you have a registered betting account with a UFC betting site. This will enable you to place bets on the latest bouts. You can go ahead and visit the UFC site which makes the most appeal. And register your details including name, postal address, email address and date-of-birth.

You fill out the application form and you will then need to verify your identity. This can involve clicking on an emailed link and it might also be the case that you need to submit photo ID. In order to make sure you can make deposits and withdrawals. This is in line with the latest licensing laws.

Once you have signed up, you can then go ahead and make a deposit into your betting account. This will enable you to place UFC bets online. And you can place real money bets when fights have been priced up. Why not review alternative fighting bets that are available with the latest William Hill boxing odds.

Claiming Free Bets With UFC Betting Sites

The leading UFC betting sites often have a generous welcome bonus available when you sign up. This means that you can enjoy free UFC bets on your favourite sport, with the free bets available to use on the fights that take your fancy.

In order to generate free bets with a UFC bookmaker, you firstly need to sign up for a betting account. You can then place a deposit and it might be that you need to include a promo code or bonus code in order to make sure you qualify for a bookmaker bonus that is available. We recommend using a mobile app such as the popular William Hill plus app in order to find the latest offers and promotions.

Then comes the matter of placing a UFC bet. It might be that you need to place your UFC qualifying bet at certain odds in order to comply with the free bet terms and conditions. Once your bet has been settled as a winner or a loser, then the free bet is credited to your betting account and it could be within 24 hours or 48 hours.

How to Place Bets on UFC Fights

Once you are signed up with a UFC bookmaker, then you can go ahead and place bets on the fights. You can find the betting markets by visiting the Boxing / MMA section of the bookmaker website. With customers then able to go through the sections that include Boxing, UFC, PFL and Bellator.

Therefore, in order to place bets with the UFC betting sites, you can choose from the variety of betting options.. It’s usually the case that you can access the UFC Fight Night betting coupon. Allowing you to scroll through the latest fights and check out the odds for each fighter.

The leading UFC betting sites will have an enormous betting coupon available. And you can choose the match-up which interests you the most. You can tap on the selections which make the most appeal and then choose the stake that you want to bet on that particular fighter on your bet slip. We also recommend insuring some of your bets, learn more with the William Hill insured bet guide.

What UFC Betting Site Markets Are Available?

While the most popular UFC betting market is “To Win Fight”. Then there are several other markets that might be available for a UFC fight. For example, a leading UFC betting site might offer customers the chance to wager on the Fight Outcome. And this can be fantastic if you hold a particular view for how the bout might go.

You might want to back a UFC fighter to claim a win by KO, TKO, DQ or Submission. This will generally give you bigger odds than simply backing that competitor to win the match. Alternatively, you can go for Technical Decision or Decision. While there is usually the chance to wager on the Draw although that is always trading at big betting odds.

Then we have Round Betting available and that can be an attractive way of getting bigger UFC betting odds. There are usually three rounds that comprise each fight and you can choose to back a certain fighter to win in Round 1, Round 2 or Round 3. There is also the choice to bet on a UFC competitor to win by a points decision. It is worth learning more about bet builder tips in order to gain bigger odds and potentially larger gains.

The other UFC betting markets that are available before the fight has started includes Total Rounds and Fight to Go the Distance. In the instance of the former, then the best UFC betting sites allow you to bet Under/Over a certain number of rounds. Such as 1.5 or 2.5 and that can be a way of wagering on the bout without needing to predict the fight winner. Find out more about the sport of fighting on the official Association of Boxing Commissions website.

How to Bet a UFC Betting Accumulator

If there is a UFC Fight Night taking place, then some customers will want to place a UFC Fight Night accumulator. There are several advantages to placing a UFC acca. And the main one is that you can place a bet on many fights that make up the card. And get a bumper potential return from a small stake. Learn more about UFC and other acca odds with our guide.

Many UFC betting sites allow customers to place an accumulator on the action. It’s a simple case of accessing the “To Win Fight” coupon and then going through the latest UFC fight odds. And tapping on the fighters that you think are going to win their respective encounters.

As you click or tap on each UFC selection. You will find that this fighter and their accompanying odds are automatically added to your bet slip. There is no limit as to the number of selections that can be added and you can then assess the multiple bet options that are available.

This includes placing a UFC accumulator bet and you should be able to see the UFC acca betting odds that are being offered. You can choose how much to stake on the accumulator. And you then need all the selections in your bet in order to secure an overall profit. As each leg wins, the bet can get more exciting.

Claim a UFC Acca Bonus When You Bet on the Fights

Some bookmakers such as bet365 have accumulator bonuses available and they can apply to UFC betting sites. That means that you will notice that a bonus is incrementally added to your bet slip as you add a number of selections. The more selections means the bigger the potential bonus and there might be minimum odds available with this kind of offer. There are other types of bets within the sporting sector, learn more with the round betting in boxing guide.

The acca bonus can be substantial if you have added a large number of selections. And it can be a tremendous incentive to bet with a certain UFC betting site. However, you should try to be sensible with your UFC acca? Rather than go chasing a big return simply by adding short-priced selections which might not be value.

Place an In-Play Bet With the UFC Betting Sites

The best UFC betting sites will not only provide customers with the chance to place pre-fight bets but also wager In-Play on the latest bouts. When a fight has started, then customers can enjoy In-Play UFC betting markets, with punters able to wager on the live odds as they are constantly changing.

This can be an exciting way to bet on UFC. With the In-Play betting odds allowing fans to watch some of the action before deciding which way to wager. Sometimes the best In-Play betting tip is to wait until the end of Round 1 and assess the fight odds according to how a UFC fight has panned out.

Example of UFC Betting Sites fighters

Cash Out Your UFC Bets Before They Are Settled

When it comes to placing bets with the UFC betting sites, there is often the chance to enjoy Cash Out along the way. This can apply to single and accumulator bets, with a UFC acca particularly good when it comes to Cash Out. And that’s because you can sometimes secure a profit if you manage to generate a few winning selections to put you in a profitable position.

Cash Out is a great flexible betting option and the amount can go up or down in accordance with how your overall bet is faring. Sometimes you can cash out for a profit. Or alternatively you can cash out for a loss and that actually saves you some money if the bet turns out to be a losing one.

How to Make Sensible Bets with UFC Betting Sites

If you’re a big UFC fan, then you might want to put your knowledge to good effect. That means using your judgement to bet on selections that you think are going to win in the UFC fights that are coming up.

Naturally, anyone can back winning favourites although you always need to weigh up whether the betting odds are attractive. When considering the probability of them winning. For example, if a fighter is trading at 2.00 to win their match. Then you really need to be thinking that the selection has a greater than 50% chance of winning. We recommended researching the official UFC fighter statistics to gain insights into the fighters performance history.

You might be able to enjoy a winning run with a specific bookmaker by betting on favourites with UFC betting sites. Although it’s unlikely that this will be a path to long-term profit. It can therefore pay to be selective with your UFC bets and weigh up whether you are backing a value selection each time.

We also advise to consider the alternative markets to “To Win Fight” in order to assess the best way of betting on a fight. Take a look at each fighter’s track record to understand what round their victories were achieved in. And also the method of victory on a frequent basis. This will give you an insight into how to place bets moving forward. also provide other betting resources such as the under 2.5 goals strategy guide and the popular horse racing accumulator tips.

Look for UFC Live Streaming Betting Sites

If you are betting with the best MMA betting sites, then it’s even better if you can access the UFC live streaming as part of the bargain. There are many online live streaming sites from which to choose and some are able to acquire the online live stream rights when it comes to UFC Fight Night and the other events for this sport.

The UFC live streams are easy to access. You can simply log into your online betting account and make sure it’s funded. This automatically means that you can access live streaming when it comes to a wide range of sporting events. The live streaming is high definition quality and there is also audio commentary available. We recommend looking at the latest news for promotions on neteller betting sites.

Many betting customers regard In-Play betting and live streaming as a match made in heaven. The great news is to enjoy UFC live streams without actually having to pay for a TV subscription. With punters able to watch the fight from start to finish. You can watch UFC live streaming through desktop, mobile and app.

UFC Betting Mobile Apps

Indeed, the best overall UFC betting sites often have a leading mobile app available. And this allows you to place bets quickly and easily on your favourite sports. You can log into the UFC betting app through Face ID. And you can then scroll through the various betting markets and choose the selections that you like the most. have published a useful how to deposit on Betfred guide, to help our readers get the latest offers.

You should be able to sign up with a UFC app that sends you mobile notifications so that you can find out about the latest price boosts. And also the offers that are available with each particular bookmaker. It’s also great for enjoy live UFC bets when the fight is taking place.

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