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Politics Betting Sites

Over the last few years, a growing number of customers have wanted to enjoy political betting. As a result, the leading bookmakers will create a number of politics betting markets when it comes to the big events taking place. This can include the UK General Election and the US Presidential Election. Although there is also the chance to bet on political voting that takes place across Europe and the Rest of the World.

In this article, we look at the best politics betting sites and the best way to place bets. When you sign up with the political betting sites, you might have the chance to qualify for a welcome bonus. And this can involve making a deposit and then placing a qualifying bet at specific odds in order to generate a bonus.

How to Sign Up With a Political Betting Site

In order to bet on politics, you need to have a registered betting account with one of the top political bookmakers. One such example is opening a Betfred online account or a Betiton Sports account. Ideally, you would be signed up with a wide range of bookmakers in order to always secure the biggest prices. Especially when it comes to the selections that you want to back.

It all starts with the registration process where you enter a few basic details. Be sure to enter these correctly including your date of birth. Also considering that your identity will need to be verified by a UKGC-licensed operator. In order to allow you to bet on politics and any sporting events which might interest you.

Once you have signed up for an account, then you can go ahead and fund your account using one of the available deposit methods. There are usually a wide range of payment options when you sign up with a politics betting site. It’s great to be able to choose the method which is going to work out best of all.

How to Make a Deposit to Bet on Politics

The leading political bookmakers should facilitate easy and instant deposits for customers wanting to place bets. Some bettors register a debit card with each betting site and they can then use this on a repeat basis should they want to place further wagers. It’s a simple case of registering the long card number and the expiry date.

Once you want to then deposit money through your bank card. You simply enter the amount along with the security code on the back of the card. The transaction should be instant and it means that you will then have a funded balance with which to place real money bets.

Besides the debit card option, there is alternatively the choice to go down the e-wallet route. You can link your bookmaker account to your PayPal betting account. That means being taken to this third party site where you can effectively conduct a secure transaction. Before returning to the bookmaker site and then placing bets.

There are usually other payment methods that fall into the e-wallet bracket including Neteller and Skrill. There might also be the chance to fund your account using bank transfer. And it can also be common to find options like paysafecard where you can register a pre-loaded card and then use those funds without divulging personal details.

When it comes to making a betting withdrawal. This is something that you might want to do if you are winning with your politics betting. It is usually the case that you have to select the original deposit method as the one which you are using to make a withdrawal. This is to safeguard against money laundering.

How to Bet on Politics

The majority of leading politics bookmakers have a section devoted to this area. It can generally be found from the sports menu of a betting site. You might be able to choose from categories such as UK Politics, UK General Election, US Presidential Election, Australian State Elections and Australian Federal Election.

You can choose which category interests you the most. And then decide whether to place a bet on any of the available selections. Bear in mind that there might be betting markets which focus on an upcoming election or by-election. Although there is sometimes a market which is focused on betting acca odds which won’t be settled for weeks, months or even years.

Bet on Next UK Prime Minister or Party Leaders

Even if there is no UK General Election on the horizon, then there is often the chance to bet on the identify of the next UK Prime Minister. After all, it’s a certainty that there will be a new candidate in place somewhere down the line. Whether that is someone from the same political party that replaces the exiting PM or alternatively from a rival party.

This is a win only market and the skill is basically predicting not only which party will be in charge after the next General Election but which candidate will be elected. The leader of the opposition is clearly someone who is in the running. Along with some of the current cabinet members. The latter options can be attractive as they could technically become acting PM at any point. We also recommend learning more about the popular Acca Odds boost options.

If you are interested in focusing on a specific political party rather than the next UK Prime Minister. Then it’s possible to place online wagers when it comes to the Next Conservative Party Leader, Next Labour Party Leader and Next Liberal Democrat Party Leader. This can be especially interesting if there is a vote of no confidence in the current incumbent.

There can often be a long list of candidates. And it’s sometimes the case that customers will take a price about someone whose odds then shorten. It can therefore be possible to actually cash out for a profit on your selection. Especially if you are able to correctly predict that their price will get shorter over time.

How to Bet on the UK General Election

There are long-term UK General Election betting markets that are available in the months and years leading up to the big day. The best political betting sites will offer customers the chance to bet on which party will secure the most seats. With customers able to compare the prices when it comes to the Conservative Party and Labour Party. It might also be an option to take an Paddy power early payout with some of your chosen bets.

It might also be possible to wager on the Year of the Next General Election. With customers able to place politics bet on whether there will be an overall majority or not. You can also place bets on the make up of the government after the next election and there are plenty of choices.

For example, in previous elections, there have been plenty of bets on a Conservative Majority or a Conservative Minority. With the same applying to the Labour Majority and the Labour Minority should there be a prospect of the opposition canvassing enough votes in the General Election to be competitive.

There is also coalition betting odds that can be taken into account. With many customers wanting to know the political prices when it comes to a Labour-Lib Dem coalition. And there could also be SNP betting odds if you want to wager on a possible Labour-SNP coalition. With the other prospect being Labour-Lib Dem-SNP.

Bet On UK General Election Party Seats

As we get closer to a UK General Election, there is the chance to bet on an increasing number of political betting markets. For example, you can bet on the actual number of seats attained by each of the major political parties. Including Conservative Party, Labour Party, Liberal Democrat Party, Scottish National Party and Green Party.

There are often a wide range of two-way betting markets where you can bet over or under a certain number of seats. So it’s up to the customer to choose the line and then place their wagers accordingly. You can also look at each constituency and bet on the outcome when it comes to a certain vote to see which MP will be elected.

There are always certain seats that are up for grabs. It’s interesting to see the constituencies where the bookmakers are expecting a close-run thing. With some bookmakers allowing customers to place political betting accumulators. And you can select a number of candidates to all win at the General Election. It might be worth looking at the win treble calculator for some more insights.

Other betting types

There are always lots of creative betting markets centred on the big vote. And customers like to look at the latest polls to decipher voting intention. There is also the opportunity to bet on voter turnout and there are percentage margins where you can get an idea of what is likely to be the overall outcome.

It might even be the case that there are General Election In Play tips and betting markets. When the vote is actually taking place and this can be a captivating experience. Watch the live markets and judge which way the political wind is blowing. Before deciding which way to bet, with the bookies updating their odds according to the exit polls.

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How to Place Bets on the US Presidential Election

There is always a huge amount of interest when it comes to the Race to the White House. It’s largely the case that the position of American President is the most powerful political position in the world. And it naturally follows that there are lots of candidates who are in with a shout at getting the nod.

You can find US Presidential Election betting odds on a consistent basis. And that is whether there is a vote taking place that year or not. You will find a long list of candidates in the years leading up to the big vote. And the betting market can often be wide open before we get closer to the time.

Before we have a race to the White House, we must firstly focus on the Democratic candidate and the Republican candidate. Especially as they are going to be competing for the various states across the United States of America. Each party will set about electing a leader and there is always a running battle between various candidates to come out on top.

Once we have the two candidates ready to compete for the honour of becoming President. Then you can find that there is a chance to bet on the outcome of each state. The country goes to the polls and it can always be intriguing to see whether a particular territory will be blue or red when it comes to the final reckoning. Why not also take a look at the smart acca tips that are updated daily!

Policial Betting Image

Betting on Australian Political Betting Markets

There is always plenty of interest surrounding Australia and the latest political situation. With several bookmakers offering betting markets when it comes to the upcoming elections. We will commonly see Australian State Elections, with Victoria and New South Wales of particular interest for customers.

You might commonly see the Australian Labor Party or Coalition among the options. With the Australian Federal Elections also giving you a chance to bet. We might also see New Zealand political betting markets, with the leading parties getting the chance to compete against each other on a regular basis.

There are also big European countries where the outcome of a political vote is hugely significant for the continent and further afield. We are always counting down to the French Presidential elections. In order to see whether the current incumbent will hold on to their position. Or alternatively a challenger will rise up and take their shot.

Some of the most popular betting sites such as Paddy Power will also offer Irish political betting markets to their customers. There also other betting types such as using the William Hill insured bet option. The Irish Presidential Election winner market is always wide open before the field narrows down. And there is plenty of speculation as to who will next be taking charge when Ireland go to the polls.

When it comes to the Irish General Election betting odds, then you can also wager on the party that lands the most seats. And you can also bet on how many seats each party will land along the way. For example, Sinn Fein, Fine Gael and Fianna Fail are among the parties who will hope to have a positive impact when it comes to the vote.

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