How to place an accumulator bet on Paddy Power

Paddy Power has always been the ‘bonus guys’ to go to when it comes to accumulator betting. They love to throw about promotions for both new and existing accounts, which is something that I absolutely love.

They seem to take themselves a little less seriously than most bookmakers, which probably comes down to their Irish roots. I must add that if you aren’t following the Paddy Power Twitter account then you’re missing out, as it’s hilarious! It’s a great place to start with getting their latest bonus offers as they are released as well.

Quick Step-by-step guide:

1) The only thing you really need to get going is a Paddy Power account. If you don’t have one then you can click this tracked link to get yourself a risk free bet worth £20. (New Customers Only.18+. T&Cs Apply)

2) Next up, you need to find your account. This is very simple and can be accessed by clicking the account button at the top of the page.

3) Find the markets you want to bet on, then add them to your betting slip by simply clicking on the odds for that bet.

4) Your betting slip will show your selections and at the bottom of it the ‘Accumulator (1)’ section is where you need to enter your stake. You can type your stake in to see your payout before clicking place bet.

Acca expansion

What people don’t always see from Paddy Power is that they have been one of the most innovative and proactive when it comes to the development of their acca sections. Having worked with them as both an affiliate and a long standing punter, I’ve seen how much Paddy has developed, even over the last couple of years.

They have basically revolutionised the way in which they market their coupon sections these days and have gone down the ‘long list’ approach for ease of each user. The coupons can be sorted by market and this just makes it so much easier to compile your accumulator.

Their ‘Sections’ Coupon is also an innovative that I think only Paddy Power run. It’s basically a lucky dip from a number of games within certain pools made up by Paddy. You can set the odds you get and they will provide you with the bets. You can read more about this in my Paddy Power Review.

paddy power 1

Where to start

In order to place an accumulator you need a funded account with Paddy Power. This is ultra-simple to do and only takes a few minutes. To get you started though, I’ve written an article on how to open an account with Paddy Power.

Getting started with Paddy Power

As soon as you land on the Paddy Power homepage you will be alerted to the latest offers that they currently have running. This is all well and good for new accounts, but once you become a little more seasoned, such as myself, you will be looking to get straight into the markets.

That being said, you should always take at least a couple of minutes out of your day to check Paddy’s latest offers. They are super good at providing you with one off specials in a host of markets. These specials can’t always be added to an accumulator, but they are top value nonetheless.

I pretty much just use the quick links to get to where I need to be with Paddy Power, as more often than not it includes my most popular markets. In keeping a trend with other articles in my ‘How To…’ series, I’ll stick with football to talk you through, but it can be applied to pretty much any sport.

The football section is really detailed, in fact, it’s one of the most detailed I have come across. I don’t mean in terms of market coverage, although they are right up there, but by detailed I mean they include a ton of interesting markets.

The opening segment is a ‘What’s Hot’ area where you can see information that includes quick links to loads of football related markets, promotions where the majority are based around accumulator or coupon bets, top bets of the day and their Stats Likely section which includes probable scenarios from a number of games. Its features like these that really keep Paddy Power fresh and an absolute joy to use! I talk further about these segments in my Paddy Power Review.

paddy power 2

Loading up your acca

I tend to just click the ‘Matches’ tab at the top of the football section when I set about adding a selection to my accumulator bet. This allows me to just flick between different leagues from different countries with just a couple of clicks.

The list of games will include the date, two teams, home win odds, draw odds and away win odds. You can also get a more bets section at the end of the row if you want to select markets away from the win-draw-win ones.

Two features they have only recently added to this section are their team form button and TV button. The team form gives you a quick overview of each team’s last 6 games results, which comes in handy. Although, you need to work harder than that to make your picks and I’ve included countless articles to help you do so throughout What Acca. The TV button shows if the game is being shown on TV at all, and if so, which channel.

To make your picks you just need to click on the odds of the bet and it will instantly be put into your betting slip which will appear on the right hand side of your screen. What I love about this is that it stays with you no matter where you are on the site or how far down the page you need to scroll.

paddy power 3

Managing the bet slip

Once you have made your picks, they will be listed in your bet slip where you will be able to manage your selections or remove them. Removing them is dead simple; you just need to click the red cross to the right hand side of the slip.

What I really like is that you can de-select a team without having to actually remove them from your coupon totally. By clicking the ‘tick’ on the left, your selection won’t be included until you insert the tick again.

The bottom section is where you insert your bet amounts and you should be looking out for the ‘Accumulator (1)’ line. If you are only placing a double or treble, then these will be titled as this accordingly. Just always bear in mind that you need the (1) in there which signifies just one (accumulator) bet.

You can check the odds of your accumulator by one of two ways. The first is by hovering your mouse over the ‘i’ button. This will show you your minimum bet, maximum bet and accumulated odds at the bottom. Alternatively, if you just type ‘1’ into the stake box your returns will show at the bottom of the bet slip and will in turn be your odds.

Once you are set, just click the blue, ‘Bet Now’ button at the bottom of the page and you are set.

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