Goals Galore Accumulator Tips and Strategy

Goals Galore is a service from Betfred that allows you to pick set odds on a huge range of games from the Both Teams To Score (BTTS) market. They have named it – Goals Galore – but it’s essentially placing an accumulator bet with BTTS selections.

Todays Goals Galore Tip

Leicester v Zorya – Yes
Dinamo Zagreb v Feyenoord – Yes
Standard Liege v Rangers – Yes

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There are two lists to choose from; Long List and Bonus. The Long List gives you slightly lower odds than the Bonus list, but it gives you more games to choose from and they often include games that are more likely to come in.

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Overview of the strategy

As the selections are a fixed price, this means that we are going to be able to find some pretty good value from these bets. As a quick overview of how we are going to find the best value for our bets, all we are going to do is compare the price from other bookmakers from their BTTS market and then see if we can improve on price with Betfred.

This may sound pretty obvious, and to be fair it is, but there are a few things that you need to be aware of along the way, which I will go through in this article.

Fixed price is our friend

Gaols Galore Odds

The first thing that really draws me into these bets is the fixed prices that are on offer. Usually things like this would provide pretty terrible value for the punter, but with Goals Galore, due to the number of matches that you could choose from, there are often exceptions to this rule.

There will be times where the single prices for each game combined will be lower than the fixed price on offer from Goals Galore. This is a win for the punter!

I’ve seen some bets from the Bonus sheet that include 5 teams paying a fixed price of 16/1 absolutely smash the best price from a ‘standard’ acca with the same selections from other bookmakers.

In fact, it’s often better value on the Goals Galore sheet than if you picked them separately from within the Betfred bookmaker.

Choose between the Long List and the Bonus list

As I mentioned, there are two lists that we can choose from; Long List and Bonus List. The difference with each comes in the form of the price. For example, 3 selections on the Long List will pay out at 3/1 where as 3 sections on the Bonus list will pay 9/2.

Betfred Gaols Galore Bonus
Betfred Goals Galore

What you will find is that value is often easier to find from the Bonus list. This isn’t set in stone by any means and it’s important not to discount the Long List just because the odds are less than the Bonus.

Remember, we are looking for value, not necessarily the highest odds for our money between the two lists.

Comparing matches

The most important process for this strategy is to look on other bookmakers and find the shortest price selections. These added together will be the most likely bets to win and also have the lowest odds.

So, if you can find a low priced bet from a bookmaker that is higher priced on the Goals Galore list, then you are on to a winner.

The best way to explain it, as ever, is with a working example.


I’m going into this example a little bit blind to be honest and literally just taking on the matches that are being played on the day of writing this article. Let’s hope for some good results.

My first port of call is to bet365 and I open up the BTTS markets for today’s games. You don’t have to use bet365 for this, but they are usually there or thereabouts for these bets, so I find it easier to do so.

Tonight the games include mainly Champions League matches with a few random EFL Trophy games as well. I’m going to start small and include just 3 selections.

Basically, I want to add in the three shortest priced favourites from bet365.

  • Bayern Leverkusen v Monaco = 4/6
  • Lyon v Sevilla = 1/2
  • Real Madrid v Borussia Dortmund = 4/9

Why? Well, the bookmakers price them like this because it’s highly likely that both teams will score. They do pretty much all the legwork for these bets as we are going solely on price to find value. Later in the article I will expand a little as to how you can fine-tune it with research, but for now we will stick with the odds.

I see 3 games priced at 4/6, 1/2 and 4/9, respectively, so I add them in. At bet365 this pays out at odds of 2.61/1. Now, I know that the fixed odds on Betfred Long List will pay 3/1 and the Bonus will pay 9/2, so as long as these three games are in the list, we have already found value

Boom! First bet looked at and they are in the Long List. Already we have found considerable value of around 15% more just from using Betfred’s Goals Galore Long List.

Betfred Goals Galore

We move across to the Bonus list to see if we can extract any more value from the bet. Unfortunately two of our bets aren’t on the list, so we lose out there.

Before I move on to add in more games, I’m going to target the Goals Galore Bonus list to see if I can eek out any more value.

Betfred Bonus

I know the Bayern Leverkusen v Monaco game is there, so I can leave these in, but I need to remove both the Real Madrid game and the Lyon Game. I add in two of the short priced games from the Bonus list on Bet365, which include the Coventry match, and the Millwall game.

As you can see, this pays out at exactly 4.5/1 (9/2) which is the same that you would see from 3 selections on the Goals Galore Bonus list. A push, if you will.

After a little more playing about with games from the Bonus List using bet365, I decided that the Bonus list wasn’t going to work for tonight’s games, so I moved back to the Long List.

The next step is to see how many teams I can add to create the best value for my accumulator bet. As many of you will already know, I like to hit somewhere around the 4 or 5 games mark for my bets, so this is what I set out to do.

Betfred Goals Galore

I decide to shoot for 5 games and include Bayern, Legia, Lyon, Real Madrid and Edinburgh City games, which are all available on the Long List.

For this bet365 are offering little over 9/1 and on the Long List you can get 10/1 for the exact same bet.

Example conclusion

I’ll be the first to admit that this maybe wasn’t the best example, but I wanted to use instant, relevant data that you could see real-time. There will be times where you will see much bigger price hikes, especially if you can get involved with the Bonus list, and also times where the value just isn’t there.

I really want you to work with both lists though and don’t just get sucked into the Bonus list because it had better odds. The example above proves that sometimes the best or even only value to be had from this technique is by being flexible with both lists.

Fine tuning your bet

Once you’ve gone through this whole process, I often like to find a little more substance behind my bet before pulling the final trigger and placing the bet. I rarely head into these blind with just a price behind a certain bet, I want to know for myself if I think that individually each bet stacks up.

I’ll then run through my usual BTTS strategy with each selection. This includes things like checking previous form, starting line-ups, head to-heads, goals scored, goals conceded etc. In fact, I’ve written an article on How To Win a BTTS Accumulator Bet, so probably best just to head over and check that out to find out more.

Final thoughts

Many people see the Goals Galore list as a bit of a gimmick and to be honest, at first I was one of those people. Usually you see these fixed priced bets and the value is terrible.

But, the Goals Galore market is very different and I think it comes down to the sheer number of games that are on offer. I targeted games from a single day, but now the list goes well into the next 5 days, with what must be over 50 games to choose from on both lists.

Having this many games means that you can place an acca that may run over the course of a few days, but could yield absolutely insane vale. As I stated at the start, I’ve seen massive odds discrepancies in the past with these types of bets compared to Betfred’s Goals Galore list and the industry best priced.

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