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The aim of this article is to showcase the best golf betting sites that are available. Here at, we want to make sure that readers make the most from their betting on golf. It all starts with being signed up with the leading bookmakers. There is always the chance to secure a welcome bonus when you register a betting account.

Once you have signed up with the top golf bookmakers, you can then enjoy betting on the golf majors such as the Masters, Open Championship, PGA Championship and US Open. There are also regular PGA Tour events along with the tournaments on the European Tour, with many customers enjoying the chance to place daily golf bets. If you are looking for Golf US Open Tips then you are in the right place.

What Are the Best Golf Betting Sites?

All of the golf betting sites that appear on are the ones that we regard as the leading bookmakers for this sport. We have signed up with these bookies and placed a number of golf bets. In order to understand how each service works, both from a pre-tournament and In-Play perspective.

Some of the best golf bookmakers will all have a generous free bet available to new customers. Naturally, you can generate a bonus by signing up for a betting account and making a first deposit. You then need to go ahead and place a qualifying bet at certain odds before waiting for it to be settled. Whether you are looking at a Betfred football coupon or cashing out your bet, choosing the right bookmaker is important.

Once your qualifying bet has been settled, then you can get a free golf bet on a market of your choice. There are other factors that make a really great golf betting site. With competitive odds, extra each-way places, In-Play betting and a wide range of markets. There are also important when it comes to scoring highly.

What Are the Popular Golf Betting Markets?

There are lots of ways to bet on golf tournaments and we have highlighted the pre-tournament markets that are worth checking out. A popular request each year is to provide US Open Betting tips, this year has been no exception. Why not take a look at the best bookies for accumulators with the guides.

It can sometimes pay to look away from the obvious. By identify an alternative way that might give you the edge over a particular bookmaker who has golf betting odds available:

Outright Winner

Quite simply, this is a market where you back the winner of a particular PGA or European Tour event. There is normally a big field of golf players. It’s a case of identifying which player is going to be top of the leaderboard after four rounds of play. You can choose to bet win only or each-way on a selection.

When it comes to this market, it’s pretty common for customers to choose a number of golfers to have against the field. It can be hard to otherwise find the winner. While an each-way bet can be rewarding if you back a player who doesn’t necessarily win a tournament. But finishes high enough up the leaderboard to be among the places. We have a list of independent bookmaker review resources that are freely available to read.

First Round Leader

There is the opportunity to place bets on the player who is going to be top of the leaderboard after the first round of play. Therefore, if there might be a bias towards the players who are teeing off earlier or later in the first round. Then it could be worth placing a bet on certain participants in the field. There is also the chance to bet on Second Round Leader and Third Round Leader In-Play.

Three-Ball and Two-Ball Betting

If you want to bet on golf betting markets with much smaller fields, Then three-ball and two-ball betting markets could be great options for you. The first and second round of a golf tournament will feature three players going out in a group. You can wager on the golfer who achieves the best round score.

The good thing about this three-way market is that it’s a great way of opposing a player who you don’t think is going to perform well in an event. The same applies to the two-way betting market which generally applies when the cut has been made. And you can wager on which player will achieve the best daily score. Why not take a look at the Grosvenor sports review one of our highly recommended bookmakers in 2022.

Top Five / Top Ten / Top Twenty Finish

While identifying the winner of any golf tournament is always a challenging prospect. It’s a lot more palatable to predict a player to achieve a position high up the leaderboard. Therefore, if you’re confident that a certain golfer is going to perform well in a particular competition. Then it’s worth checking out his or her odds for these markets.

A selection of the best golf betting sites will often give you the choice. Whether to wager on a player to secure either a top five, top ten or top twenty finish. Naturally, you will get more attractive odds when it comes to securing a top five placing. Although anyone who fancies an underdog can often secure an attractive price about a top ten or top twenty finish. Why not learn how to win accumulator bets with our free tips guide.

To Make the Cut

After the second round of a golf tournament, there is a cut line and the lower performing players end up exiting the competition. Therefore, before the event starts, you are able to bet on a participant either making the cut or not making the cut. It’s your choice as to whether you want to back a player to perform well or badly.

This is effectively a two-way betting market for each player with Yes and No being viable options. This is great particularly if you think that one of the favourites is going to struggle to make the third round of the competition. While it’s also handy if you want to back one of the outsiders to make it the distance.

How to Get Extra Each-Way Places with Golf Betting Sites

There are leading golf betting sites such as bet365 who have something called Each Way Extra. Therefore, for a tournament such as the John Deere Classic, you can choose from a range of betting options and they relate to each player. To kick things off, a golfer might be available at each-way terms of 1/5 odds for the first three places. Learn how to open a Bet365 account with the guide.

If you want more than three places when enjoying Each Way accumulator Extra. Then you might go for 1/5 odds for the first eight places. However, the odds are shorter for this option and a similar price is available if you want to get 1/7 odds for the first ten places. It’s just a question of how far you want the odds to reach down and 1/9 odds for the first twelve places can also be taken.

How to Place Bets on Golf with Betting Sites

Once you are signed up with a golf betting site, then you can go ahead and access the golf betting section of the website or app. You should be able to see the full list of tournaments where betting odds are available. And you can select the competition which interests you the most. It’s not uncommon for a number of events all taking place during the same week.

Once you have identified the golf tournament which interests you the most. You can then select the markets which appeal to you the most. It could be worth checking out the outright market as a first port of call. Just to get an idea of the betting favourites in the eyes of the bookmakers.

You should then survey the latest golf betting markets that are also available and identify a betting market and selection that matches your view of a tournament. Once you have got the right golf pick, you can tap on the pick and decide how much you want to stake on this particular betting selection. Why not also learn more about betting sites with cash out options, a great way to control your bets.

You can then go ahead and click on “Place Bet” before the bet has been processed. You should then have successfully placed a bet and you can then choose further selections or alternatively check out the Cash Out value in My Bets where you can close your golf wager out early.

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How to Bet on the Golf Major Tournaments

We have found that the popular golf tournaments with betting sites are the majors. There is always plenty of interest surrounding the Masters, PGA, US Golf Open and Open Championship. With these being the competitions with huge amounts of prize money and also the prestige of landing a victory in a Grand Slam event.

Therefore, there might be a chance to bet on the outright market for any of the above well in advance of them taking place. As you get closer to the tournament, then the golf betting sites will start rolling out the markets. There can be an enormous number of options and that includes the two-ball and three-ball betting markets.

It’s also worth considering In-Play betting when it comes to golf. This is a sport like no other for live online betting considering that the window of opportunity is enormous. Once the first ball has been teed off in a tournament, then all markets are effectively In-Play and many customers like to wait for the action to start before placing bets accordingly. If is worth reviewing options such as the Skybet accumulator guide on how to place an alternative betting type.

Questions such as “Who will win the Open” are popular betting related queries and golf betting markets.

In-Play betting even applies to the end of each round. Therefore, the first round being completed will allow customers to take stock of the leaderboard. And spend some time pondering the revised outright odds. The same applies at the end of the second round. When the cut has been made and also the third round as the players jostle for a chance to win the tournament.

The Best Ryder Cup Golf Betting Sites

Aside from the golf major tournaments, the Ryder Cup is also a huge betting event when it comes to the sport of golf. Taking place every two years, this is always an exciting clash between Europe and USA. Where the two teams battle it out over three days in a competition that features a combination of foursomes, fourballs and singles.

We like to see the top golf betting sites offering a huge amount of Ryder Cup odds betting markets. This includes betting on the Winner market where the bookies have priced up both teams. And there is also the chance to wager on the draw. While some customers like to go for the Correct Score market if you want a bigger price.

Ryder Cup - Golf Logo

Aside from this, we are expecting the best golf betting sites to offer customers the chance to bet on Top European or Top American. Therefore if you have a strong opinion that a certain golfer is going to score the most points for their team, then you can place a wager on them to outperform their teammates.

Much comes down to the number of games in which a player will be involved. If you’re fairly sure that a golfer will play all five matches. Then it makes sense to consider them for one of the above markets. The same applies to Top Combined Points Scorer where you pick the player who will get the most points overall.

How to Back Winners With Golf Betting Sites

There are lots of different approaches that are taken by golf betting customers in search of a profit. Backing the winner of a golf tournament isn’t the same as backing the winner of a football match or a horse race. So whether you are looking to learn about Premier League handicap betting or horse racing tips, we have it all.

Therefore, if you select a golf player for a tournament. And he doesn’t win, then you shouldn’t be surprised considering the size of the field.

However, there are lots of alternative golf bet markets where you can either support or oppose a player. For example, you could back a golf player each-way or on the each-way extra market. Where we’re envisaging a contender featuring high on the leaderboard even if they don’t manage to win.

There is alternatively the chance to bet on a player to win their three-ball or two-ball grouping. You can even back them to make the cut. And the same applies when you want to oppose a player to fail to make the cut. Therefore, it’s all about identifying the strengths or weaknesses of a certain participant.

Some betting customers will bide their time and wait for the tournament to go In-Play before deciding which way to bet. There is also the chance to bet In-Play during a particular round. And wager on what score a player will attain on a hole-by-hole basis.

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