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The Result and Both Teams To Score (BTTS) – often known as Win and BTTS – market is one that I’ve been monitoring very closely for the past few weeks. I’ll be honest and say that before this season I had very little to do with it, but like everything within the online betting industry, you need to keep moving forward and adapting to how the industry changes.

The BTTS market on it’s own has been flying over the last couple of seasons, mainly down to Betfred and their Goals Galore bets, so I guess that adding the result was a natural progression for bettors.

Why has it become so popular?

I for one think that the main reason the market has become so popular is due to the pricing. It makes those un-back-able bets at odds so small they are hardly worth looking at, all of a sudden become much more appealing.

For example, it just so happens that tonight Belgium are playing Israel in a Euro 2016 qualifier and are priced at 1.36 to win the game. I don’t know about you, but it’s not a price that I am going to find particularly exciting.

But, you can get Belgium to win and BTTS at a much more enticing 3.10. String this in with two more result and BTTS fixtures at similar odds, and you’re looking at a treble worth almost 30.00!

Best bookmaker for Win and BTTS bets

bet365Up to £100 in Bet CreditsRead ReviewOpen AccountBet365 Terms & Conditions

Long time followers of the site will likely already know where this is heading, but my recommendation has to be with bet365 as the best bookmaker for Result and BTTS bets; and here’s why.

Not only do bet365 have a great range of games for these markets, they allow you to cash out these bets should you choose. Other bookmaker such as William Hill, Ladbrokes and BetVictor, whilst they do have these markets, are sketchy on the cash out availability of them, which I personally don’t like.

Bet365 pretty much always offer me a competitive price for these bets as well, which saves me time and more importantly, money. I mention later in the article about using a site like, but more often than not I find bet365 priced somewhere near the top.

Crazy winners

I’ve been around the betting industry for more years than I probably care to remember, but never have seen so many crazy acca bets than I have with Win and BTTS picks included.

As I mentioned above, the pricing makes it so you don’t need many selections to create a pretty hefty looking acca. Anything upwards of three picks will see your £10 stake returning upwards of £200 and anything more than 5 will start seeing that run well into the 4 and even 5 figure marks.

Check out some winners below taken from around the Internet. As you can see, crazy number thrown about for very little outlay.

Yes or no?

This is pretty much the only choice that you need to make for this market; Result and BTTS yes or Result and BTTS no?

The majority of punters will choose the BTTS yes result, and I think this is for the following reason.

I think most people choose this because if the team that you’ve backed to not score, scores, then you’re bet is dead in the water before you’ve even got going.

Now, I’m not saying that you should choose the ‘yes’ response to all bets like this, but more to avoid the games where you think the ‘no’ for the BTTS result would come into play.

Granted, it’s probably not the soundest betting advice ever to just simply avoid a certain market, but I honestly think that for these types of bets, the ‘no’ bet should be avoided or at least taken extra measures of consideration over.

Target relatively even games, with noticeable favourite

A good rule of thumb that I see many successful to win and BTTS accas targeting is that of games that could be fairly close, but with a noticeable favourite.

For example, taking on a team that is top of the league who score freely is going to get you goals, but if they are playing a bottom of the table side who struggle to get goals then it’s going to be pointless as they are unlikely to score.

Hitting two mid table teams or at least teams that are free scoring is going to be much more beneficial in my opinion. For example, this weekend Tottenham take on Liverpool in what should be a tight affair, according to the odds for each team, Tottenham win – 2.40, Draw, 3.50 Liverpool win 2.87

Both of these teams are relatively free scoring, with both having bagged at least one goal in each of their last 5 fixtures. Spurs are priced as favourites for the game here and the Spurs win with BTTS is a hefty 4.50, making them an enticing bet for this type of market.

Check BTTS history

Finding games where the teams are both likely to score is the most difficult section of this bet type. It may be insanely obvious, but if both teams don’t score then the bet cant win.

My article on how to win a BTTS acca will actually be a good guide for this part of the bet and I mention in there how to find games where the chances of both teams grabbing a goal is high.

Essentially you are looking at teams who often have that ‘we will score more than you’ type of attitude. The likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid, PSG and dozens of other teams are great examples of this.

Target the away favourite

Singling out away favourites is another tidy approach to picking these sorts of bets. It wont come as a massive surprise to hear that most teams score the majority of their goals at home, especially the lower ranked teams.

The ability to score at home is greatly increased due to the teams knowing playing conditions and also having the backing of home fans. Most teams will pick up the majority of their points at home and feel that protecting their ground is imperative.


Everton are playing Manchester United this weekend at home in what I think is a perfect candidate for this type of strategy. Both teams have been scoring goals this season, whilst their defences haven’t been all that great. Three points separate the teams in the league and they have scored and conceded the same number of goals.


United are priced at hefty 4.50 to win and BTTs, in a game they are slight favourites for. Everton will be a tough gig at home, and keeping a clean sheet will be tough for United. These are the types of bets that make this market so popular.

Inflated odds means smaller accumulators

With most standard accumulator bets you will be looking to add in a handful of games of to make it really worthwhile. The odds you are looking to get and the amount you wager will obviously affect this, but if like me you want some value from your £10 stake, you’ll need to be looking at a minimum of 4 games from win-draw-win markets to see impacting results.

The to win and BTTS market actually allows you to include fewer games. Take the example above from when I won the other night. I had three selections in there and returned £577.13 from just a £10 stake. If I were looking for the same return from just the Win-Draw-Win market then I’d likely need to have at least 5, if not more selections.

There is no need to really stick more than three selections in for these types of bets, unless you really are looking for that monumental payday, which for most will never happen. The more you have in, the lower your chances of winning, which is mad considering the great price you can get from just a couple of picks.

Cant defend, wont defend

There are some teams that simply go to try and win games without much regard to their defence. I mentioned earlier the likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid, but these are two teams that are massively top heavy in terms of the quality of their forwards compared to defence.

They won’t worry about conceding goals as they are so confident of running down the other end to score anyway. This makes teams like this ideal for the to win and BTTS bet.

Whilst I mention these two powerhouses of the beautiful games, there are dozens of teams around the world that have the same attitude. Try and target teams in lower leagues or even smaller foreign leagues that have a high BTTS percentage, alongside a high win percentage.

I use for picking the best teams for this. A quick search on there shows that Roma have played 7 games this season with 6 of those games having BTTS. They are fourth in the league with 4 wins from 6 games, so immediately they would flag up as a team that I would look to target.


Basel are another team that have had 9 of their 11 opening games include a BTTS result and they have also won 9 of these opening 11 games as well. This makes them an absolute ideal match and I’d definitely be looking to at their next game for the to win and BTTS bet.



I want to mention a couple of tools that I use to formulate my to win and BTTS bets:

  • – I’ve just mentioned them above, but the site is a fantastic resource for picking out potential bets and also teams that you might not have initially considered for your bet. They give you hard facts for each game, which is imperative!
  • – A massively unused resource in my opinion, but will allow you to compare the prices of your bet across a number of bookmakers. It’s free to use and will mean you get the best price each and every time
  • Twitter – Social media allows you to find out information such as starting line ups and also other stats on each game. Check out teams official feed for player availability and also see who other bettors are backing and why.

Get in early

This is something that I am noticing more this season probably than any other. The odds for games are changing quite dramatically as they come nearer to kick off. This is because the bookmakers are reacting to money that is being bet on each result.

In a single bet the odds might only change from 2.20 to 2.10 for example, which doesn’t seem a lot, but if you have this happen to 5 picks in your acca, then the amount really does start to make a difference.

I like to get in as early as possible to be honest and more often than not, you will find that you’ve got a much better price than at the time of kick off.

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