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Esports Betting Sites

Over the past few years, there has been an explosion when it comes to betting on Esports. This is now highly professionalised, with teams from all over the world competing against each other for huge cash prizes. And you will find tournaments pertaining to a wide range of different computer games that have been created by the world’s biggest games software companies.

Therefore, it’s imperative to find the best Esports betting sites when you’re betting on matches relating to LOL, CS:GO, DOTA2, KOG, VALORANT, Call of Duty, Wild Rift, Overwatch, Starcraft, Rainbow Six, Rocket League, AOV, Warcraft and several sports based games.

In this article, we explain how Esports betting works and how to profit from betting with the leading sites. You can make more from your Esports betting experience by signing up with multiple bookmakers. This will not only allow you to get free bets with each operator but you can also compare the various products and work out which is best for you.

Sign Up With Esports Betting Sites and Get Free Bets

Irrespective of the Esports tournaments which interest you the most. It’s possible to secure a welcome bonus when you first sign up with an Esports bookmaker. This involves heading to the betting site and signing up for an account. The registration process only tends to take a couple of minutes and you can then make a first deposit into your betting account.

Once you have a funded betting account. You can go ahead and place a qualifying bet in order to land your Esports free bets. Sometimes you need to bet at minimum betting odds in order to trigger the free Esports bet. With the bookmaker in question generally crediting your account with a free bet once the bet has been settled.

When your free bet has been credited to your betting account. Then you can go ahead and make a selection from any Esports betting market. This selection is added to a bet slip and you can then decide to use the free bet in order to back this pick. Bear in mind that the free bet stake isn’t generally included in any winnings. It is also worth reviewing the Esport Market statistics for insights into the live events and historic data. From a corner bet to understanding what a sky bet builder is, we have it covered!

How to Deposit and Withdraw With Esports Betting Sites

Before you are able to place bets on the latest Esports matches, you need to have money in your betting account. The leading bookmakers will make it easy for you to transfer funds into your account. And provide you with a wide range of payment options so that you can instantly deposit and then place bets.

There are wide variety of payment methods from which to choose. Many customers will go down the debit card route. You simply register the long card number and the expiry date and that bank card is saved to your betting account in a secure fashion. When making each deposit, you enter the security code and the transaction can take place.

There are other deposit methods available although some will not allow you to qualify for the new customer bonus. It’s therefore worth checking out the terms and conditions before making a transaction. On the flip side, it can be really handy to make a deposit using one of the available e-wallet methods such as PayPal, Skrill and Neteller. There are various bookmakers such as betfred online betting that offer these types of deposit methods. Why not take a look at some of our Bookmaker reviews such as our Bet Bull Review and our Grosvenor Sport independent review.

Once you have deposited money and you have a balance, then you are able to place bets. However, you might also want to make a withdrawal from an Esports betting site. And it’s great to make sure that you get the funds on a timely basis. The money can ideally come back to your account within the same working day.

Compare the Latest Esports Betting Odds to Get Value

The Esports betting markets are plentiful and there are a growing number of bookmakers who now provide pre-match betting odds. This is great news for customers who don’t have to settle for second best when it comes to wagering on LOL, DOTA2 and CS:GO matches. This is because you can compare the Esports betting odds that are available.

It’s always essential to get the biggest Esports odds whether you are betting pre-event and In-Play. That means that you can secure the biggest return from taking the largest price about the selection that you want to back. When you win with an Esports bet, then it’s imperative that you secure the biggest odds each time.

You can often place an Esports accumulator bet when you go through the latest coupon. Some bookmakers will allow you to place different kinds of multiple wagers on the action. The odds all combine together when it comes to a parlay bet. That means being able to secure a big potential return from a small stake.

There is also the chance to get a bonus on winning accumulators. And the amount of bonus is dependent on the number of selections that you have put in your multiple bet. There might even be the chance to get Acca Insurance which means money back if one leg of your multiple bet lets you down on the latest markets. It is easy to calculate accumulator odds for your bets with the free tools on offer.

Sign Up With the Best LOL Esports Betting Sites

LOL is also known as League Of Legends and this is one of the biggest games when it comes to professional Esports tournaments. You can regularly bet on the latest LOL matches and these are two-way betting markets. Where you simply back the winner of a certain contest and there is the opportunity to place an accumulator.

In addition to the Match Lines, there is also the chance bet on the Map 1 – First Team To betting market. With this including the chance to back each selection to either get First Blood, Slay Baron and Destroy Inhibitor.

On the subject of Map 1, there can also be handicap markets such as Kill Handicap. Where you can back the favourite to record a certain number of Kills that exceed that of their opponent. Alternatively, you can side with the underdog on the Kill Handicap betting market. And hope that they push things closer than the match odds.

There are also Map 1 Totals available and these are two-way betting markets. Which give customers an alternative way of betting on the action. The same might apply to later maps, with punters able to bet Over or Under the Total Kills, Total Towers, Total Dragons, Total Barons and Total Inhibitors.

Other Factors

When it comes to the pre-match betting markets with the Esports betting sites, you can also bet on a range of Map 1 markets. This includes the Map Duration 2-way market. Along with the Map 1 – Race to #Kills and this can include the team that reaches a total of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30. It’s also the fact that you can back both teams Slay a Dragon or Slay a Baron.

If you want further LOL betting markets, then another option might be Map 1 – First Dragon to Spawn. And the options could be Cloud, Infernal, Mountain, Ocean and Hextech. You can also back either team to score a Quadra. While there is finally the option to choose the Largest Multi-Kill where you can choose between Single, Double, Triple, Quadra and Penta.

Esports Betting Sites That Offer CS:GO Betting Markets

If you are interested in Esports betting, then you need to find a bookmaker that provides a wide range of CS:GO betting markets. Ideally, you should have CS:GO pre-game and In-Play betting markets. With massive tournaments regularly taking place which means that customers have the chance to bet on Counter Strike: Go matches.

You can always bet on the CS:GO match winner which is generally a two-way betting market. While the match handicap can be an excellent way of getting a bigger price. Especially if you think that either the favourite or the underdog are going to outperform their betting odds. You can also bet under or over the Total Maps and there might even be the chance to enjoy an Odds Boost.

The Round Lines betting markets are often available with Esports betting sites. This includes the chance to bet on the CS:GO betting odds that relate to Rounds Handicap and Total Rounds. The latter rules out having to take a position as to how a certain team will fare and instead focuses on an alternative angle.

Before a match has taken place, there are also CS:GO Map 1 and Map 2 betting markets. And you can expect to find In-Play betting odds also available. Map 1 Lines allow customers to focus on the opening round of proceedings. And there’s the chance to wager on the Map 1 winner along with Map 1 – 1st Half. Other betting opportunities include Alternative Match Handicap and Correct Map Score.

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Sign Up With the Best Esports Betting Sites for DOTA2

DOTA2 is the popular sequel to game Defence of the Ancients. With this forming the basis for many professional gaming tournaments that take place. This is a multiplayer online battle arena video game and there are several gamers who visit their favourite Esports betting site in order to place wagers.

There are a similar number of Esports betting markets for DOTA2 than you would find with CS:GO. With the Match Lines being especially popular. You can bet online when it comes to markets such as To Win, Match Handicap and Total Maps. There is also the chance to bet on the Match 1 Winner and it’s the overall favourite who will also be market leader here.

There are always some interesting Map 1 betting markets and that includes the “First Team To” options. If you have a strong view when it comes to the first team that will First Blood. Then you can place your Esports bets accordingly. Alternatively, you can bet on the first team to destroy the tower, slay Roshan or destroy the barracks.

We like to bet on the Map 1 Totals and there is also the chance to enjoy similar betting markets. Especially when it comes to In-Play Esports betting. You can bet Over or Under when it comes to certain factors such as: Total Kills, Total Towers, Total Roshans and Total Barracks. Correct Map Score betting is often a great way of getting with the favourite at bigger odds.

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How to Bet In-Play With Esports Betting Sites

You can enjoy the chance to bet In-Play with the leading Esports betting sites. With many of the leading bookmakers creating live markets when it comes to the various matches. The bookies will update the live betting markets as the match goes on and the bets are subject to a five second delay before they are processed.

Therefore, if you are watching the game taking place and want to bet In-Play on Esports, then you can take advantage of the latest events and work out the best live betting angle in order to get the standout prices. There is also the chance to cash out on several of the Esports betting markets. There are similar traits between the advice for ESports betting and the popular football acca tips we publish.

Esports with companies like Dusk2Dawn

If only Esports was as popular in the early 2000’s as companies such as Dusk2Dawn and the Sigma-Team would have been enhancing some awesome games. Role play games such as the award winning shooter game “Invasion Earth” would have made a great Esports addition. Whilst the game was developed by the Russian company Sigma-Team, it was licenced to Dusk2Dawn games for use in the UK. The game was at the time available on CDROM for PC users only. However web enabling this classic shooter game would have and still would give Call of Duty a run for their money. Read more about the Invasion Earth RPG game with the Games Industry review.

Watch Live Streaming at the Top Esports Bookmakers

There are online betting sites such as bet365 that not only provide pre-match and In-Play betting odds for Esports tournaments, but they also have online live streaming and that can be an excellent bonus for fans of the various games that are being contested. Learn how to open a Bet365 account with the guide.

The Esports live streams are completely free and it’s a case of having a funded betting account in order to get started. Alternatively, you can place an Esports bet on one of the available markets. And that will trigger the live streaming which is available in high definition and the live streams can be enjoyed through desktop and mobile.

There is often audio commentary available when it comes to Esports live streaming. And many fans like to place In-Play bets on the action that can go hand in hand with the streams. We especially like the chance to watch Esports through a bookmaker app or acca app. And see the odds changing in real time before deciding which way to bet.

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