When should you cash out your In-Play accumulators?

Cash OutThe ‘Cash Out’ option is now commonplace with most online bookmakers and it’s a welcome addition for accumulator punters who want to cash that bet out early and take a profit. We can, however, diminish our profits if we cash out too early or too often. We need to strike a balance between the price offered for cashing out and the risk involved in letting our accumulator ride.

Best bookmakers offering a cash out facility:

1) Bet365 – Open an account with bet365 today! (Terms and Conditions Apply, 18+)

Bet365 Cash Out Terms and Conditions (18+)

2) Paddy Power – 

The traditional bookmaker is effectively acting like a betting exchange with this new feature. But it’s much easier for the novice punter to use and understand ‘Cash Out’ rather than using the betting exchanges to hedge your accumulator.

I’ve written an article detailing what you need to know about each bookmaker, including a laymen’s break down of their terms and conditions that you can read by clicking this link. 

When to use ‘Cash Out’ option:

There is, of course, no exact science to this. If there was then we would all be millionaires but there are occasions when I would advise taking your cash early and banking that profit.

  1. Waiting on the last leg of a large accumulator – it’s that agonising wait for the Monday night game to collect on your 7-fold, the other six games have bolted in but your almost regretting the decision to add West Brom at home to Aston Villa. Check your account and see what the Cash Out offer is – just consider the feeling you’ll have if West Brom let you down and you didn’t take the £200 on offer.
  2. Last 15 minutes  – you have 15 minutes left and Peterborough have just scored to go two nil edging you closer to a payout but your final match has just a slender 1-0 lead – and you backed the away win. In these instances, when every team on your acca is winning and you enter the final 15 mins of a tight game, I would seriously advise looking at the Cash Out option. There is nothing worse than that empty feeling when you are gazumped by a 90th minute equaliser.
  3. When the offer is too good to turn down – This usually happens when you’ve had a change of heart or some team news has gone against you. If you think the last leg of the acca looks doomed before kickoff then you are best advised to get the hell out of there and cash out early.

It’s worth remembering that you won’t be able to cash out at certain times during the action. It’s common practice for bookies to withdraw the cash out option during the last five minutes of the action or when a penalty or red card is awarded.  So don’t wait around for too long – if you want to cash out, do it before that late goal against you is scored!

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I've made What Acca to try and help people starting out with accumulator betting. The possibilities of these types of bets are pretty much endless, with the major attraction coming from the fact that a lot of money can be won for very little outlay. What Acca will hopefully teach you how to make more profitable accumulator bets whilst also eradicating some of the mistakes that I have made over the years.

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  1. The principle of “cashing out” is not a new one and was the very process that laid down the foundations of sports trading all those years ago. But, on paper it looks like something that is hugely helpful, but they are heavily promoting their cash out features, not because it helps punters to win more but because it helps them to make more. It is as simple as that.

    A trader will always trade and wil know in advance of placing the bet where his stop loss is.The average punter is likely to only trade out of a winning position, rarely a losing one and never even considered a stop loss.

    If you are going to use cash out then you need to approach it as a trader would.

    This means that you always cash out of your winning positions and you always cash out of your losing positions, at the same time. Have a stop loss point where you will get out of your bet for a particular loss. Traders will rarely let something ride unless the value is in their favour or due to the nature of the market they simply have no choice.

    Don’t just cash out here and there depending on your emotions. Have a strategy with a set cash out point when you reach a certain profit point but also have a cash out exit point when it goes against you.

    Personally, I consider the cash out at the bookies as bad value and prefer to lay-off on Betfair.

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