January 2016 Accumulator Report

As promised in my December Accumulator Report, I’ll be keeping you up to date with how we fair as a group throughout each month.

The success we had in December was always going to be VERY hard to beat, and this turned out to be the case throughout January.

It was my goal throughout January to be more responsive to my email list, sending out more tips posts and also improving on the quality of bookmaker offers that I include within each email.

From my survey that so many of you kindly responded too, I was informed that you didn’t want plaguing with offers, but more to pick out fewer, higher quality betting promos from across the industry. From the feedback I received, I think I’ve started to do this with a good amount of success.

Back on track with the betting tips, as I mentioned, it was a tough month to say the least! Here are the stats…

January Profit/Loss (based on £10 bets)

Total number of accumulators sent out: 12 

Total outlay presuming £10 bets on each: £120

Number of winning accumulators: 0

Total winnings from accumulator bets (based on bet365 odds at time of sending): £0

Profit/Loss: -£120

As you can see, a lean month on the accumulator front!

A lot of people will look at the numbers and see a drastically poor month, and you couldn’t really argue with that. Picking up precisely zero acca wins hardly bodes well for the bankroll. But, as I mention time and time again throughout the site, the nature of my bets will incur these types of runs.

If you look back further in the year to start of the season, we went almost 2 months before winning our first accumulator. But, in the next two months leading up to January we had picked up drastically. In fact, in December alone we guaranteed that we would be in profit come the end of the season (based on just placing £10 acca’s at around 3-5 a week).

Baron weeks or even months is something that will happen with my tips, but they are structured in a way that we don’t need to win many to be in profit come the end of the season.

I know many of you have been subscribed for some time now and it’s nice getting emails off you when we win and even emails of support when we go through tougher times. And whilst we are already quids in for this season, I’m going to be busting my balls to make sure that we end with a bang to make it a season to remember!

As I write this, we’ve already won out first acca in February, so things are already in the plus!

Not on the list yet? Then get involved by sticking you details below…

What to expect from February

I don’t think that there will be too much change in February to be honest, when it comes to tips at least. The format seems to be working and you guys seem to like what’s going down.

But, if that isn’t the case, drop me an email or let me know in the comments what you want to see change.

In regards to the site, well that’s going to be getting a bit of an update. I’m going to be adding some new articles on their in the coming weeks and months. They are generally things that I pick up when researching my bets and things that I think you should keep an eye out for as well.

I’m also going to look at changing the bookmakers that I use on site as well. I know Betfair are running some good acca related offers at the minute (money back if one team lets you down) and I think Bet Victor might be doing similar, so will look into those to see if they will add any value to what’s already on site.

That’s all for now, and hopefully we can kick on throughout February!



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