Bet365 Review

I have been a loyal punter with Bet365 over the last decade and they are arguably my favourite online bookie.

They offer a wide selection of sports and football leagues to punt on, ensuring your 6-fold accumulator is never short of options. Have you been given a tip for the Hungarian U21 division? No problem, Bet365 have got it covered.

New Customer Bonuses

Opening Bonus: 100% matched deposit up to £200, it’s the biggest bonus on the market. In simple terms, this means that your first deposit amount is instantly doubled and available to bet with straight away.

Good stuff

Bonuses aside, there is a lot to admire about Bet365. The user-friendly interface and calming green and grey colour is very easy on the eye, so building your accumulator couldn’t be simpler.

I like the ‘Elite Euro List’ football coupon as it gathers all of the top leagues in Europe in one place. Premier League, Champions League, Serie A, La Liga and the Bundesliga are all there. Personally, I find most of my winning bets come from a mixture of different competitions rather than trying to pick the winner of every match in the Premier League.

In-play Services

Bet365, in my opinion, are the market leader when comes to in-play services. They stream a ridiculous amount of live events to ensure you never miss any of the action, in most instances you don’t even need to place a bet on the event to stream it live.

However, if you can’t find the game you want or stream it live then the in-play graphics provide a detailed up to the minute analysis of the game. In fairness, it’s probably more entertaining than watching a Sam Allardyce side lump the ball up the pitch for 90 minutes.

The Bet365 in-play graphics even tell you which team is on the attack and how dangerous it is, although those of a nervous disposition might want to watch it from behind the sofa if you’re waiting for the final leg of an 8-fold to come in!

Accumulator Offer

Another nice touch from the UK based bookie is the ‘Euro Soccer Accumulator’ offer. You can receive, if you back a 14-team accumulator, a 100% bonus on your winning bet. However, they do offer staggered bonuses if you place a bet on three teams or more. For example, you will get a 20% bonus on your winnings if you back six teams in one of the top European leagues.


Generally I find the odds on offer are usually the best prices around, even if you can find a better price elsewhere the bonuses available more than make up for it.

Even from a moral standpoint, I appreciate the fact that Bet365 are UK based and pay UK taxes, as opposed to the multi-national juggernauts who exploit tax loopholes and put nothing back into the economy.

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Bad Stuff

The only negative for me is the prominence of the casino, slots and poker adverts that try to divert your attention. It would be nice if you could customize the layout to hide areas you have no interest in, but this is only a small gripe and all of the major bookmakers are the same in this respect.

Final Word

Overall, the Bet365 experience is a very enjoyable one. The deposit bonuses, in play streams and Ray Winston adverts all win my seal of approval and I will continue to use them as my first port of call when picking my accumulators.

I am 100% happy to put my seal of approval on Bet365 – make sure you click this special tracking link to get the deposit bonus and mobile bonus auto applied to your account when you join.

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