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19 May 2024

23/1 WINNER 8th Jan 19

Another WhatAcca tip comes in and it’s a beauty!

Tuesday the 8th Jan 19 marks the 5th winning accumulator tip this season and moves the overall profit to a staggering £795!!

SO, if you put £10 on every single tip from the start of the season until now, you would be in profit by around £795. Profit can vary depending on what odds you received from your bookmaker but either way, you are in a very nice profit.

To prove I bet myself here is a screen shot of my winning betslip. I did bet around an hour before kick off and received lower odds than when I posted the tip out. This again highlights why betting early and with the best bookmaker is crucial to maximise your returns.

winning accumulator tip

Had I bet earlier in the day the odds would have been around 23/1 rather than just over 19/1. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m very happy with the result 🙂

Importance of Staying Patient

We have now placed a total of 52 bets and from those we have won 5 times. My strategy is to hit decent odds and that’s why you don’t need many winners to be in profit.

It’s hard to forecast when the next winner will be but as I have proved over the past 3 previous seasons, I can end in a solid profit.

Thank You!

Thanks so much to all the followers, I love helping others find winning bets as I get a buzz from sharing my acca tips.

I have nearly 9,000 subscribers to my exclusive acca tips and it grows daily!

Cheers to another big win and roll on the next one!



Betting Expert
I've made What Acca to try and help people starting out with accumulator betting. The possibilities of these types of bets are pretty much endless, with the major attraction coming from the fact that a lot of money can be won for very little outlay. What Acca will hopefully teach you how to make more profitable accumulator bets whilst also eradicating some of the mistakes that I have made over the years.

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