6 Awesome Leagues for Accumulator Betting!

Variety is the spice of life! At least that’s how the saying goes…

I think that the same can be applied to accumulator betting. As many of my long time readers will know, I use a plethora of different markets and leagues to form my bets with.

Being able to flick between a vast number allows me to the find the best value. There are too many punters who simply try to stick one or two leagues and the same betting markets each week and wonder why they never win.

Take the Premier League for example, I think it’s one of the toughest leagues in the world to call simply because it’s so competitive, especially when you are betting on the Win-Draw-Win market. Even though it’s the league that I know most about – in terms of info for each team – it’s not a league that I limit myself to.

This article is going to go through a whole host of leagues to target from around the world which I think offer up amazing value. With it I will highlight which markets to target for each league, to allow you to specifically hunt out some really good value.

scottish-league-1Scottish League 1 – Over 2.5 Goals

It’s likely the majority of you reading this wont be all that familiar with the likes of East Fife and Albion Rovers, but these are two of the teams that make up one my most favourite leagues to bet on; Scottish League 1.

Scottish League 1 table

The reason why I love the Scottish League 1 is the number of goals that are scored. So far this season the number of games that have been over 2.5 goals is at 73%. It’s an astonishingly massive number in relation to the competition and if you look a little closer, 97% of games have had over 0.5 goals and 87% of games over 1.5 goals.

The broad range of goals can be applied to the BTTS market as well, if you so wish. As you can see, whichever way you look at it, goals are on the agenda!

EPLEnglish Premier League – Both Teams To Score ‘Yes’

I know I just mentioned about how tough the Premier League is to call these days and I will stick by that. But, with every hurdle there is an opportunity when it comes to betting and the competitive nature of the Premier league leaves the door open for the BTTS market.


This season the league has seen a massive 62% of games come in with BTTS. This number is one of the highest that I’ve seen across Europe to be honest and as a result it’s one of the reasons why I tend to opt for this market when looking at the majority of Premier League fixtures.

Australian A LeagueAustralian A-League – Over 2.5 Goals & BTTS

The Aussie A-League often gets overlooked in the UK mainly because of the time difference with many games either running through the night or early morning UK time. But, it’s a league that should be considered, as you will find that there are a ton of goals on offer throughout.

In fact, it has similar traits to both the Premier League and Scottish League 1 that I mentioned above in that the Over 2.5 Goals is 63% and Both Teams To Score Yes is at 61%; not quite as high, but still, very healthy.

Aussie A League

The league itself is very competitive as well, with just 8 points separating the top 8 teams in the 2015/16 season. But, as the overall standard isn’t as high as say the Premier League for example, the games often produce more goals as a result.

Australian A-League

In summary, you can target any of the goals markets for this league and in return we have some really favourable odds for bets that look very similar in terms of statistical research as a Premier League (or equivalent match). The A-League is also great for Australian free bets with bookmakers such as bet365 really targeting them as upcoming league for potential new punters.

LA LigaSpanish La Liga – (Asian) Handicap

La Liga in Spain is one of my most favourite leagues to watch as a neutral, but to bet on, for years I found it an absolute nightmare. The league is very spread out in terms of class with the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona and now Atletico Madrid storming clear each season at the top.

The leagues average Goals per game is as 2.74, the BTTS is at 50% and the Over 2.5 Goals is at just 52%, highlighting how tough – on the whole – betting is. Also, when you do get a chance to back either of the ‘Big 3’ on the WDW market then you’re likely going to be faced with odds of 1.50 or less and for me, there is no real value in that.

La Liga 2015/16

But, as I mentioned earlier, for every hurdle there is an opportunity (I think I might Trademark that!) and this comes from the handicap market for La Liga.

I’ve had great success backing either Real Madrid or Barcelona (not so much Atletico as they tend to win by lesser margins) using a handicap, and in particular an Asian handicap. Let’s look at a quick example below:

Barca v Gijon

In a few weeks Barcelona are playing Sporting Gijon, where the former are priced at just 1.20 to win the match. Checking out the last few meetings between the two teams, Barcelona have a great record against them, winning their last game 6-0. Barcelona are priced at 1.85 with a -1.5 handicap which to me just seems much, much better value than the original price.

You will find that this tends to happen most weeks, but make sure you are fully confident with your handicap picks and if you’re not checking out my article on winning Asian Handicap accumulator bets for more help.

veikkausliigan_logo-svgFinland Veikkausliiga – Under 2.5 Goals

I can’t take full credit for this pick as a friend put me on to an interesting trend from Finland where last season in the Veikkausliiga league only 38% of matches finished over 2.5 goals. It’s the lowest percentage that I have come across and I quickly went to see if I could find lower, mainly hitting up the Irish, French and Italian Leagues as they are all renowned fro being fairly poor for over 2.5 goals percentages, but the lowest I could find was 44% from Ireland.

Finland Goals

I don’t love the under 2.5 bet to be honest and I’ve stated this several times previously, but it’s really hard to ignore the facts. The top three teams from the 2015 season averaged just 1.5 or less goals per game and it didn’t get much better as you moved down that list.

What’s great about betting on this league is that the odds on offer are hugely variable. I’ve seen some bets prices ranging from 1.50 – 1.95 for the same bet, which might not seem huge, but in bookmakers terms, it’s absolutely massive.

Sweden football logoSweden Allsvenskan – Both Teams to Score Yes

The Swedish Allsvenskan league is another that might not be the most recognisable in the world, but it works really well for BTTS to score bets with 62% in the 2016 season alone. In fact, when digging a little deeper, the stats are remarkably similar to that of the English Premier League, with a tight top 3/4 and then a fairly large chasing pack behind them.

Finland League Table

As you can see from the table, there are a good number of teams that have a goal difference rating around the +10 to -10 mark, which is a great indicator that they conceded as many as they score; perfect for BTTS.


So there you have 6 leagues and markets for those leagues that I think a lot of people overlook in the betting industry.

There is no such thing as a sure thing in the sports betting sector and I’m not saying that you simply just back any game from these leagues on the market that I have suggested. As ever, you will need to research each game individually, but what I’m hoping is that you are able to expand the leagues that you bet on in search of creating more value.

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