Investing in Gambling Stocks and Shares

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If you are looking to invest in the stock market, we can help to make it easier for you. We live and breath the gambling industry and this is the reason we buy gambling company stocks and shares.

The quickest way to get involved (without having to research yourself) is to follow these simple steps. You can basically copy exactly what we do, you simply choose how much you want to invest.

1 – Sign up at
2 – Verify your Etoro account
3 – Search for our trading account. Its called – Yeahhbuddy
4 – Click the ‘Copy’ button
5 – Copy our trades and watch what we do!

EtoroInvest in Gambling Company SharesFollow me on Etoro @ YeahhbuddyRead ReviewOpen AccountPlease be aware that all trading involves risk. 67% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. This content is for educational purposes only and is not investment advice.

Here is a screenshot of our current returns from the live trades we have right now:

etoro whatacca account

We bought the above trades between August 2020 and Nov 2020 and they have matured very nicely in a short space of time.

We have a short list for new companies to invest in over the coming months and sometimes we will go again with the same companies if a move is on the cards.

With Caesars for example, we heard pretty early on that they would be buying William Hill. So we sold our William Hill shares and bought Caesars.

So, if you want to benefit from our industry knowledge and information, follow the steps above, grab an etoro account, follow us (yeahhbuddy) and let’s invest together.

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While we all enjoy placing online sports bets with the bookmakers, there is also the opportunity to buy stocks and shares online. The aim of this article is to provide you with some basic information when it comes to buying and selling shares. You might have considered dipping your toe in the water when it comes to buying gambling stocks but a lot of people don’t know where to start.

As you might already be aware, buying shares generally carries a greater risk than you will find when you’re placing a sports bet. After all, if you have a £10 football accumulator, then the most you can expect to lose is your £10 stake to the bookie. However, the plain truth is that buying £10 worth of shares isn’t going to provide you with much of a portfolio or excitement in the long run.

Therefore, have a read of this article and then decide whether buying shares online is something that you’d like to do. Make sure you’re always aware of the worst case scenario but also be aware that many customers do really well from acquiring stocks and shares at the right time, especially if there’s a huge increase in price shortly after you buy.

Best Place to buy Gambling Stocks and Shares

EtoroInvest in Gambling Company SharesFollow me on Etoro @ YeahhbuddyRead ReviewOpen AccountPlease be aware that all trading involves risk. 67% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. This content is for educational purposes only and is not investment advice.

Best Gambling Stocks to buy

Over the years, gambling companies have faired extremely well in the stock market and for good reason. The world loves to gamble!

Online has simply opened up endless opportunities and for big companies this means they are growing. Growing really fast!

What is interesting right now though is gambling companies that are mostly operating in the USA. Sports betting only legalised in 2018 and so far only a handful of states have rolled out legal online gambling. Already though, US gambling company stocks are rising quickly and they are barely in more than 5 states.

Just wait until they get in to 40 or 50 states!!

We are bullish of the opportunity here and wanted to share this with you. Below you will see the gambling stock we have invested in so far.

  1. Penn National Gaming
  2. Caesars Entertainment
  3. MGM
  4. Boyd Gaming

Find the Right Trading Platform to Buy and Sell Shares

In order to place an online sports bet, you will need to have a betting account with a registered bookmaker. Similarly, in order to buy gambling stocks and shares, you will need to have access to a trading platform. There are many from which to choose although we recommend etoro where you can sign up and then check out the latest share prices.

When you head to a trading platform website for the first time, you’re likely to be given a few options to pursue. For example, there is the chance to trade Cryptocurrencies or indulge in CFD Trading, although we recommend starting off with Stocks and ETF’s as this is the opportunity to buy gambling stock.

Those investors looking to buy gambling shares might typically look to acquire the likes of MGM, Penn National, Caesars, Gamesys or GVC to name a few. You might also feel as though now is the right time to buy up some William Hill shares, especially if they’ve had a really encouraging investor report to indicate there is a bright future ahead.

investing in shares

How Do I Start Investing in Stocks?

Once you have signed up with an online broker or trading platform, you are now in a position to proceed with buying a fractional share of the brands that you think are going to perform well. Please note that while some investors like to buy stock of companies that they really love using, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the funds will perform consistently well and you should bear in mind there are a number of factors for whether a price will go up or down.

However, having an account with an online trading platform now means you’re in a position to start trading. It might be that you want to start small and this is a recommended approach if you’re unfamiliar with how the process works. Many trading platforms now work on a 0% commission basis for each trade and that means you can execute a number of small buys rather than one big one.

You might start by depositing an amount such as £100 into your trading platform and you are then in a position to start buying shares in companies including gaming brands. You might be interested in buying William Hill shares and seem them listed at 270.00. This means that each share is currently value at 270p or £2.70 in layman’s terms.

How Do I Buy Gambling Stocks and Shares?

With your balance of £100, you would be able to buy around 37 William Hill shares at the above value of 270p. It’s usually just a simple case of clicking on “BUY” during trading hours and the transaction is usually completed within a short space of time providing that there is enough liquidity for your trade to take place.

Once you have purchased a number of shares in your preferred brands, you are then able to monitor their performance. It might be that you start off by buying William Hill shares and notice that they have slightly increased since the transaction took place. This might then give you the confidence to go ahead and buy some shares in Entain who have a large number of bookmakers including Ladbrokes, Coral and Bwin.

Therefore, you might deposit a further £100 into your trading platform and buy 8 Entain shares at 1,200p (£12.00). Now they are added to your portfolio and you can see how they perform over time.

How Do I Know What Gambling Shares to Buy?

This is the million dollar question! It would be pretty straightforward if share prices just increased on a steady basis, although that sort of thing is more likely to happen if you put money in an ISA or savings account. When it comes to buying shares, the stock is a lot more volatile and it might be that there’s a big rise or fall in price in the space of a day.

We would firstly recommend that you look at the history of any share that is listed on the London Stock Exchange or anywhere else. It’s good to know basic information such as when the company floated so that you can see whether we’re talking about an established brand or a relatively new one.

You should also try to access the company’s latest trading report which indicates how the share price has been performing in previous weeks, months, quarters or even years. There are also graphs to illustrate the peaks and troughs that have occurred and gambling shares are often in line with the outcome of sporting events.

Some trading platforms such as etoro will even give you a chance to follow the fortunes of experienced and successful traders. Therefore, it’s worth checking out their portfolios and advice to understand the most attractive stocks at that moment in time.

It’s sometimes the case that a particular company has been performing really well on the stock market although that could essentially mean it’s a bad time to be buying shares. There’s an expression that goes “Buy Low, Sell High” and a rise is often followed by a fall when it comes to a share price so that is something worth bearing in mind.

gambling stock market

When Is a Good Time to Sell My Shares?

Whenever you buy shares in a company, you always have the option to sell them at a later date. Ideally, investors want to sell their shares for a much higher amount than the original purchase price and it might be that you buy at 100p with a view to selling as soon as the share prices reaches a certain threshold such as 150p.

While that example is highly ambitious, it would result in you making a 50% profit on your original outlay should the above occur. Naturally, the more stock you buy in a company would result in a bigger profit although you’re taking on a greater risk if you buy shares in a greater volume.

There are very few investors who have made a profit every time they have bought shares. Sometimes customers will work on the basis that it’s better to cut their losses and lose a small amount of money by selling their shares at a slightly lower price than they bought them for. It’s sometimes a case of swallowing your medicine and reinvesting in a better stock.

It’s important to weigh up several things before you sell your shares. You should firstly remember why you bought shares in that gambling stock in the first place and it sometimes pays to be patient and take the long-term view when it comes to investing. You certainly shouldn’t expect to make instant money with this sort of thing.

What Factors Can Affect a Company’s Share Price?

There are lots of reasons why you will see a share price fluctuate on a real-time basis. Indeed, the share price is constantly changing during trading hours and this is because the stock is being traded all the time. Indeed, shares work on a supply and demand basis, with a popular stock increasing in value simply because everyone is keep to jump on board.

Sometimes you might hear in the news that there was a big surge in a company’s share price because they unveiled a new product or completed an acquisition, thus strengthening their assets and causing investors to want a piece of the pie. Similarly, there could be some bad news that hits a company that sees millions wiped off their value in the space of a day.

You will often find that a company will pay dividends to investors who have shares on an intermittent basis. Therefore, if a dividends payment is about to take place, there might be a surge in investors wanting to have a particular company on board, although much depends on the dividend rate that is actually announced and it’s not a complete cert that the share price will always go up.

Share funds are often managed by different people and a stock fund manager is often a key component when it comes to the performance of that particular fund. Ultimately, there are talented managers out there that can cause a share price to increase simply by taking charge and the same applies if William Hill appoint a new CEO with a proven track record of improving the fortunes of a PLC in the sports betting industry.

What is the Best Strategy for Buying Gambling Stock?

There are a number of strategies that can be adopted when it comes to buying shares. Readers should note that it’s a different kettle of fish to placing online sports bets and you generally have to have a decent-sized bankroll in order to make any money from share trading. Having £10 in your trading account is unlikely to get you very far.

On the flip side, depositing £100 into your trading account and buying shares doesn’t mean you’re going to ever lose that amount of money. It might be that your £100 worth of shares is only worth £90 after a month of trading, although the company aren’t going to vanish off the face of the earth and you might find that they recover a month later to be worth £110 in total.

Ultimately, you have to get the ball rolling by buying shares in one particular company. It might be that you just stick with one fund but there’s also the option to spread your overall risk by having shares in a number of companies. When it comes to gambling stock, it might be that you have a betting account with a company who are publicly listed and believe that the product will continue to grow in popularity.

Having a diverse portfolio of shares is usually more interesting than investing in one fund as you can monitor different pots and judge which ones are performing best of all. Sometimes an investor will realise that a particular gambling brand are starting to really make waves and decide to either sell other shares to fund the purchase of the hot stock or alternatively just add extra funds to their trading platform.

How Long Should I Invest in a Share Fund?

There is no set rule when it comes to buying shares and how long you should hold on to your funds. Some experts will buy and sell stocks on a frequent basis, although a new customer is probably better looking for a solid performance from a handful of companies who have previously performed well and have been around for a few years.

Some would argue that you should hold shares for a number of years and it would generally follow that this would enable your stock to appreciate in value for a longer time period, with customers able to keep tabs on overall performance and be in a position to trade out when the time is right.

It’s unrealistic to make money from buying shares in the space of a week or a month. However, it might be that you have reasons to buy up funds with a view to making money over six or twelve months. It might be that the forecast for a particular gaming brand is looking rosy and you want to jump on board and be part of a success story.

You can look at historic data to see how much you might have made from different gambling stock if you’d invested five, three or even a year ago. It might be that you would have also lost money investing in certain funds and sometimes the recent “losers” offer the customers the chance to buy low instead.

How Much Should I Invest in Shares?

As with online sports betting, you should only invest what you can afford to lose. While you are not going to lose all your money unless there’s a complete catastrophe and a company sinks without trace, there is clearly a chance that the value of your shares can decrease on a daily basis, although the upside is that they can also increase.

We would recommend depositing a small amount such as £250 into your account to kick things off and getting used to buying shares with it. If you go for a trading platform which don’t charge any commission per trade, it means you can buy with confidence in small amounts and slowly build up your portfolio.

It might be that you decide to put aside a certain amount every month to buy gambling shares. Some customers regard this as an investment where they can take their original money at any time providing that they have seen their overall portfolio grow in terms of size.

You should always be comfortable with the levels of investment you are making and perhaps start with funds where there is low volatility so you are fairly sure that the share price isn’t going to drop below a certain amount. There are trading tools in place to ensure that you can cash out shares in the event of a worst case scenario.

EtoroInvest in Gambling Company SharesFollow me on Etoro @ YeahhbuddyRead ReviewOpen AccountPlease be aware that all trading involves risk. 67% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. This content is for educational purposes only and is not investment advice.

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