Which leagues yield the most value for your accumulator?

Money FootballThe odds compliers and bookies have a massive job on their hands trying to price up hundreds upon hundreds of matches every day spread across the globe. It’s inevitable that there will be some value lurking in a league you haven’t heard or even considered adding to your coupon.


Risk = Reward!

Therefore I would advise looking outside of The Premier League when trying to bulk up your multiple for good value bets. With the amount of information, stats, analysis on the big European games, the Premier League in particular, the bookies have generally got their prices spot on and will tempt you in with so many options you won’t have time or the energy to check the rest of the coupon.

Add to the fact that the majority of bets they receive will be on the popular games then the prices you want, unless your betting on a long shot, will only shorten and the value will disappear quicker than Arsenals chances of the winning league.

If BetVictor sees a large volume of money on Chelsea to beat Southampton then their price will inevitably shorten and will get to the point where it’s almost worthless to back them. That’s why the prices on the so-called big four are stupidly short, even when they play away; every (lazy) punter has backed them forcing the price down.

Be creative

Try finding some better bets lower down the football pyramid that won’t attract the same weight of money from the average Joe; the English non-league is often a good area to look at.

Do your homework and follow the ups and downs of your local non-league side and you will soon a get feel on what teams to back, avoid and what prices stand out.

However, if you fancy something a bit more exotic then expand your search to the Asian Champions League, or even the Polish top flight – you can tell the bookies have much less interest in these leagues as they offer only very limited markets – a stark contrast to the Premier League.

*Heart* Europa League

But a personal favourite of mine is actually the UEFA Europa League. It can be a gold mine if you breakdown the matches down logically.

Here I tend to avoid the so-called big names. The big boys really have no motivation to be in this competition and more often than not they use it as an excuse to rest their first team players for the more important league matches.

Whereas, on the other hand, the teams from smaller European nations like Bulgaria, Slovenia, Ukraine etc are extremely motivated for this competition – especially at home. Another caveat is the quality of the smaller teams around Europe has really improved and their motivation is sky high.

But the bookmakers have their hands tied to an extent, as they will have to chalk up the likes of Lazio, Udinese, Sevilla etc as short priced favourites but you get much better value opposing them in the right circumstances – the draw no bet or even the double chance on the smaller clubs throw up good value.

Unfortunately, the value almost falls out of it by the time the Champions League teams have dropped into the Europa League but overall it’s a great competition to find some big priced winners.

Find new ground

What I would also advise is to start following a league that isn’t main stream, say the Belguim Jupiler League, do your research and try to gain that edge of the bookmaker (I take a look at the Czech Republic Gambrius Liga here). You will find it much more rewarding and better value long-term on your accumulator bets.


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