Different Types of Accumulator Bets

I wanted to lay out all the accumulator betting options that are available to you from online bookmakers. There are some very interesting alternatives to the standard all or nothing acca.

There are 13 types of accumulator bets.

The different accumulator bets are available up to 8 selections and certain number of bets offer multiple options. For example, adding 4 selections to your betslip will give you 5 different accumulator betting options.

Let’s go over them all one by one so you know your options.

1- Accumulator / Acca

This is the traditional all or nothing bet that the majority of us place week in week out. High risk with high rewards! You can place anything from 4 to 30 selections in this bet. All selections have to win.

£1 Stake = £1

2 – Double

Two selections, both need to win.

£1 Stake = £1

3 – Treble

Three selections, all three need to win

£1 Stake = £1

4 – Trixie

A Trixie is made up of 3 selections and gives you 4 bets. The bet is made up of 3 doubles and 1 treble. Two of the three selections must win to get you a return.

£1 Stake = £4

5 – Patent

A Patent is also made up of 3 selections and equates to 7 bets. This bet will give you singles, doubles and a treble. One selection needs to win to get a return but 2 selections are required for a profit.

£1 Stake = £7

6 – Yankee

A yankee is a bet that requires 4 selections. From those 4 selections to have 11 bets in total covering, doubles, trebles and a 4-fold acca. This increases your chances of winning as you only need 2 from 4 to win to get a return.

£1 Stake = £11

7 – Lucky 15

A Lucky 15 is a popular choice and also requires 4 selections. This time it totals 15 bets covering Singles, doubles, trebles and a 4-fold acca.Only 1 selection needs to win to get a return but if you are going to need 3 winnings to return a profit.

£1 Stake = £15

8 – Canadian

A Canadian is a 5 selection accumulative bet that equates to 26 individual bets in one. It gives the following: doubles, trebles, 4-folds and a 5-fold acca.

£1 Stake = £26

9 – Lucky 31

The Lucky 15 is again 5 selections but as the singles are added you are looking at 31 bets. You get the following in this bet: Singles, Doubles, Trebles, 4-Folds and a 5-Fold Acca.

£1 Stake = £31

10 – Heinz

A Heinz bet is made up of 6 selections. From those 6 selections you get total amount of 57 different bets. Just like the food brand, hence the name Heinz. You get doubles, trebles, 4-folds, 5-folds and a 6-fold. Two winning selections will secure a return but due to the amount of bets you will want to win at least 4 out of the 6 to earn a profit.

£1 Stake = £57

11 – Lucky 63

A Lucky 63 is also made up of 6 selections but this time you get the single bets on your selections also. As stated in the name, this acca is made up of 63 bets and includes singles, doubles, trebles, 4-folds, 5-folds and a 6-fold.

£1 Stake = £67

12 – Super Heinz

A Super Heinz requires 7 selections and these turn into a total of 120 bets! The bet is made up of doubles, trebles, 4-folds, 5-folds, 6-folds and a 7-fold acca.

£1 Stake = £120

13 – Goliath

The biggest acca of them all! A Goliath requires 8 selections and is made up of a massive 247 bets. In this bet you get doubles, trebles, 4-folds, 5-folds, 6-folds, 7-folds and an 8-fold acca.

This is a very expensive bet which leads people to betting at lowest possible stakes. Even as low as £0.10 stake which totals £24.70. I would advise that you save this bet for a day you fancy 8 fairly big priced teams

£1 Stake = £247

How to find these bets online

The best way to find the above accumulator bets is by adding your selections to your betslip. Normally every online bookmaker heads the list with a traditional acca but below them are your other options.

You will normally seeing all options and these options increase with selections. Example below;

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